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A-Troupe is the former highest rank at The Next Step, above B-Troupe, J-Troupe, and Baby Ballet.

A-Troupe is not completely defunct, but has been split into separate troupes, being TNS East and TNS West. A-Troupe can be used interchangeably between the two teams, but is usually used to describe TNS East.


Cathy created A-Troupe in 1995.[1]

Only twelve can be in A-Troupe (10 competing at Absolute Dance competitions, 2 being alternates) except in Season 1, when only ten are allowed on the team. Every year, a dancer has to audition for the troupe as no spot is guaranteed. Although, Dance Captains seem to be immune to such a rule, as in Season 2, Michelle and Emily do not have to audition. Although, Emily (still a Dance Captain) still has to audition in Season 1.

To elaborate on the role of Dance Captain, A-Troupe is, presumably, the only troupe in the studio that has a Dance Captain; the known ones are: Kate, Emily, Michelle and Giselle. Currently, A-Troupe's Dance Captain is Richelle.

A-Troupe usually practices in Studio A.

A-Troupe eventually splits into two separate troupes: TNS East and TNS West.[2]


Former Members


In Season 2, after making it to Nationals, A-Troupe decides to buy professional uniforms in order to fit in with the other dance teams, and they hire designers Zoltan and Minnow to create them in exchange for A-Troupe being models in one of their fashion shows. The resulting uniform consists of a blue hooded jacket with the logo of The Next Step on the front and back and the letter 'A' for 'A-Troupe' on the right shoulder. The rest of the uniform consists of a lighter blue shirt, with fitted blue leggings for the girls and loose blue tracksuit pants for the boys.[3]


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