Abi is a former B-Troupe member and Elite Dance Academy member.

Abi takes part in the dance battles as a member of Elite Dance Academy, where she faces and loses against Noah.[1] After the loss, Abi joins B-Troupe, realizing that The Next Step Dance Studio is a more conducive environment for dance than Elite Dance Academy.

Abi eventually moves away and leaves The Next Step.[Reference needed]


Before the show

Abi joined Elite Dance Academy.

Season 3

Abi is to compete against Noah during a dance battle. She believes his odd demeanor to be a distraction tactic and claims that she is not falling for it. Nonetheless, she uncharacteristically falters during her the battle and thus loses.[1] Abi later leaves Elite and joins B-Troupe.

Abi noah season 3 ih

Abi listens to Noah.

Abi befriends Richelle and comes to find a liking for Noah, but misinterprets his awkward behaviour as him not liking her.[2]

Abi is disappointed when Noah doesn't invite her to the party in Studio A, and even more so when he doesn't ask her to dance with him. Abi eventually infers that Noah's babbling is an attempt to ask her to dance, and she ends up slow dancing with Noah. Abi admits to Noah that she wanted him to invite her to the party; when he tells her that he was too nervous to, she tells him that he doesn't need to be. She is kissed by him.[3]

Season 4

Abi moves away and is no longer a member of The Next Step Dance Studio.[Reference needed]


Abi is a driven individual who is usually level-headed in the face of competition, which is why her falter during the dance battle is regarded as uncharacteristic by her peers.[1] Abi is also kind and helpful shown when she assists Chloe in helping West with ballet.[4]

Abi does not appear to be the brightest crayon in the box. The grandest example of this is how she is initially oblivious of Noah's obvious advances towards her. Another example of her daftness is her misinterpretation of Richelle speaking of a model named Paisley when she is really speaking of the design.[5] Although, Abi may not really be all that daft, as she is later able to correctly decipher Noah's unintelligible babbling.

Physical appearance


Abi has dirty blonde hair, light skin, and dark eyes. She is quite tall, thin, and has very long legs. Kate has described her as beautiful.[1]


Main article: Abi/Outfits

Abi's dance wear consists of spaghetti-strap tops and tank tops with shorts.




Main article: Ballet

Abi is introduced as a ballet dancer. She is a proficient ballet dancer. She assists Chloe in teaching West ballet.[4]


Main article: Acro

Abi is very good at acro. She is extremely flexible.


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Season 3


  • Due to personal issues concerning Abigail Bergman, Abi is no longer on The Next Step.[Reference needed]


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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