This article is about the actress who portrays Emily. You may be looking for the actress who portrays Piper.
Alexandra Lucinda[2] Beaton (born December 5, 1994) plays Emily on The Next Step.


Alexandra is a Canadian dancer and actress. Her career started when she had played a burned village child in the movie 300.[3] She was also in The Shaw Festival.[4] She loves dance, but she prefers acting and thus hopes to continue with her acting career.[5]


Alexandra's mother is a Canadian newswoman, Kate Wheeler.[6] She has a sister named Sophie.[7] Her biggest inspiration is her family.[5]


  • Alexandra has read all the Harry Potter books ten times.[8]
  • She boxes and runs in her free time.[8]
  • Alexandra's favourite artists are: Mumford and Sons, The Spice Girls, and Ed Sheeran.[8]
  • Her idol is Audrey Hepburn.[8]
  • Alex's favourite couple on The Next Step is Westmily.[9]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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