This article is about the actress who portrays Piper. You may be looking for the actress who portrays Emily or the character. You can find the disambiguation page here.

Alexandra Chaves (born May 9, 2001) plays Piper on The Next Step.


Alexandra danced from a young age, played hockey, soccer, and performed gymnastics.[1]

Through dancing, Alexandra has won numerous national and internationals competitions. She landed a spot in a program for the National Ballet of Canada, as well as membership on the Toronto Raptors junior hip-hop crew.[1]


Alexandra eventually got the role of Piper on The Next Step, but was initially considered to play a J-Troupe dancer.[2]

Personal life

Alexandra once got a case of tonsillitis, and was later diagnosed with heart arrhythmia, disallowing her from dancing for nine months. During this time, Alexandra found an agent and began acting.[1]

Alexandra attends Dimensions in Dance in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.[3]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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