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James Riley West season 3 episode 19 "Spoiler alert—he dies at the end."

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Alfie is so charming. He's definitely gonna break some hearts if he makes the team.

Riley, "Previously on" segment in "Heads Will Roll"

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Alfred[1] "Alfie" is the prince of Switzerland and hails from Bern. He is a jazz dancer and a member of A-Troupe.


Before the Show

Alfie was born in Bern, Switzerland. He was born into royalty, thus granting him with the title of prince.[1]

Alfie learned how to play the guitar and was technically trained in dance.

Unwilling to face his duties as prince, Alfie ran away from home on several occasions. During one of these rendezvous, he worked in a café for 3 months.[1]

Season 3

Although Alfie does not appear on-screen, he is allegedly the male soloist for his team at Internationals. He is captivated by The Next Step's blindfolded routine and duet. Riley particularly catches his eye.[2]

Season 4

Riley james alfie noah season 1 omt

Alfie watches Riley and James embrace.

Alfie arrives at The Next Step. He is ecstatic to meet Riley,[2] but is surprised to discover that her duet partner from Internationals, James, is also her boyfriend.[2]

Alfie makes it onto A-Troupe,[3] but his time at the studio seems as though it is coming to an end when the ambassador of Switzerland arrives and orders him to return home to his kingdom. But, with Riley's help, Alfie is able to stay at the studio.[1]

Alfie riley season 4 hoftm

Alfie sings to Riley.

As Alfie spends more time with Riley, his feelings for her grow. He eventually confesses his love for Riley, but is asked to remain her friend despite his feelings being reciprocated.[4] Regardless, Alfie continues to pursue Riley. He seeks advice from Henry about his feelings; although Henry advises him not to act upon his feelings for Riley, he is not dissuaded. Alfie sings a love song to Riley and kisses her.[5]

Alfie notices that Riley has begun avoiding him and that Piper appears to be very distant,[6] which Alfie eventually finds out is because Piper saw him kiss Riley.[7]

Despite wanting to remain professional about the qualifer duet, he is unable to do so with Piper's behaviour. Eventually, Piper is taken off of the duet[8] and is replaced with Noah. Although, Noah decides that he is not fit to do the duet, leaving Alfie partner-less.[9] James eventually becomes Alfie's partner, which angers him. When he and James tie with another team at the qualifier, Alfie is fervent about performing the tie-breaking solo. Nonetheless, he is ecstatic when Skylar performs the solo and wins.[10]

To celebrate the team's victory, Alfie asks Riley out on a date. He sets up the date in Studio A, equipped with caviar and a professional violinist. He is disappointed when Riley runs out of the studio, cutting the date short. After surprising advice from Piper, Alfie realizes that Riley acted the way she did because she was reminded of her date with James. To make it up to her, Alfie resorts to having a makeshift date with Riley in the Lounge which successfully ends in a kiss.[11]


Alfie is a charismatic leader, possibly due to years of addressing his citizens as a prince. Alfie is very persuasive and influential; he is able to captivate and audience and persuade them to listen to his message, evident when he dissuades his peers from ganging up on Riley on two occasions.[12][13]

At face value, Alfie appears to be comforting and loyal, but he often comes off as clingy and stubborn. Alfie continuously pursues Riley despite meeting rejection after rejection, and despite knowing that Riley is already in a monogamous relationship. It is possible that this stems from Alfie's royal upbringing; he is so used to getting everything that he wants as prince, that the idea of not receiving all that his heart desires is unfathomable.

Alfie tends to run away from his problems rather than face them head-on, since, as revealed by the Swiss ambassador, Alfie has run away from home on several occasions.[1]

Physical appearance


Alfie is relatively short and brawny. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and tan skin.


Main article: Alfie/Outfits

Alfie's outfits are quite simple, usually consisting of block colours and little design.




Alfie is introduced to the show as jazz dancer.


Alfie season 4 episode 13

Alfie performs a ballet section in his audition.

Alfie is proficient in ballet.


Alfie performs acro quite often on the show; he has even created his own acro move, known as the Monkey Flip.[14] He tumbles a lot and can perform advanced moves such as front tucks.



Alfie is fluent in French.[11]


Alfie can speak German as he comes from Switzerland.


Main article: Alfred/Relationships


Season 4


Group dances


  • Alfie can sing and play the guitar.[15]
  • Before every big audition, Alfie plays his guitar.[15]


Main article: Alfie/Quotes


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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