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The Alien is a character that appears in the music video for "Rewind: Halloween Edition."

Biography Edit

"Rewind: Halloween Edition (Music Video)" Edit

The Alien arrives on Earth via spaceship. He meets the A-Troupers in Studio A and announces that there is an evil approaching, and asks the dancers to help him conquer it. After the dancers faint, he transforms the A-Troupers into skeletal beings and leads them in a routine. After James and Riley arrive at the studio and "save" the dancers, he disappears into thin air, possibly signifying his death—though he may simply have returned to his spaceship via teleportation.[1]

The Alien is later seen in a Halloween Dance Battle against a slice of pizza. However, it might have been West in costume.[2]

Personality Edit

The Alien is a leering and seemingly maniacal creature. He is presumed to be evil when he possesses the dancers and forces them into his routine, although this may not be the case; upon his arrival he claims that an evil is approaching, possibly alluding to James and Riley— since they are later seen with glowing red eyes — meaning that the Alien may have actually been well-meaning.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

The Alien has a dark complexion and brown eyes that become electric blue at will. He has large white antennas.

Attire Edit

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The Alien wears a flashy sliver-white spacesuit and boots.

Abilities Edit

Physical/Intellectual Edit

Telekinesis: The Alien is able to posses other individuals by striking them with electric blue current resembling lightning. The Alien uses this ability to lead A-Troupe in a routine.

Voice projection: The Alien is also able to project his voice into others' thoughts without speaking.

Dancing Edit

Hip-hop: The Alien is proficient in hip-hop.

Acro: The Alien is proficient in acro.

Appearances Edit

Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

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