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An alien appears as the antagonist in the music video for "Rewind: Halloween Edition."

Biography Edit

"Rewind: Halloween Edition (Music Video)" Edit

The alien arrives on Earth via spaceship. He announces to the A-Troupers that there is an evil approaching and asks the dancers to help him conquer it. After the dancers faint, he transforms the A-Troupers into skeletal beings and leads them in a routine. He disappears into thin air upon defeat by the dancers.[1]

Personality Edit

The alien is a leering and seemingly maniacal creature. He is presumed to be evil when he possesses the dancers and forces them into his routine, although this may not be the case; upon his arrival he claims that an evil is approaching, possibly alluding to James and Riley — since they are later seen with glowing red eyes — meaning that the Alien may have actually been well-meaning.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

The alien has a dark complexion and brown eyes that become electric blue at will. He has large white antennas.

Attire Edit

The alien wears a flashy sliver-white spacesuit and boots.

Abilities Edit

Other Edit

Intellectual Edit

  • Telekinesis: The alien is able to posses other individuals. The Alien uses this ability to lead A-Troupe in a routine.
  • Voice projection: The alien is also able to project his voice into others' thoughts without speaking.

Dancing Edit

  • Acro: The alien is proficient in acro.
  • Hip-hop: The alien is proficient in hip-hop.

Appearances Edit

Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

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