Seeing as how bubbly and friendly Amy is, she has quickly made several meaningful relationships while on the show.


Amy's little sister

Amy has a little sister. The extent of their relationship is unknown, although it implied that she often steals Amy's soap.[1]


Dlh gail hugs amy

Amy uncomfortably hugs her mother.

Gale is Amy's overprotective mother who decides to become more involved in her dance life after A-Troupe's Regionals loss[2] and whom Amy has never had the best relationship with.[3]

Seeing as Gale is a failed professional dancer, Amy finds it extremely hard to please her and even lies about being on A-Troupe, when she is actually on TNS West. Amy appears consistently frustrated with her mother, but never speaks badly of or to her.

When Gale finds out that Amy isn't on A-Troupe and Amy is consequently pulled out of the studio, Amy barely objects to her mother's decision, almost as though she fears her.[4] Although Amy displays this lack of objection once more in auditioning for Gemini per her mother's wishes,[5] an inkling of defiance emerges when Amy ditches Gemini's rehearsal to hide in The Next Step's locker room. Amy is initially extremely wary of confronting her mother about her feelings, especially since she allegedly never listens to her, but does so upon Piper's advice.[3]

For the first time, Amy is able to tell Gale how she feels, with Gale actually listening to her. Amy is able to make a case compelling enough to cause Gale agree to her staying at the studio. With this turn of events, Amy predicts the improvement of their relationship.[3]



Cassie is the first person that Amy meets when she arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio. Amy excitedly introduces herself to Cassie, which begins their friendship.[6] Amy becomes a member of the Zero Percent Club with Cassie,[7] and eventually auditions for the qualifier trio with her.[8]

Cassie amy season 4 episode 32

Amy tells Cassie that she is always there for her.

Amy is very supportive of Cassie, seen when she helps her with a history assignment and when she helps Cassie with her bullying problem in a simulation.[9][10]

When Amy realizes she loves LaTroy, Cassie is the only person that Amy confides in.[11]

After Cassie leaves The Next Step Dance Studio, it is assumed that Cassie remains her friend, although Amy is not as close to Cassie as before.


Piper becomes Amy's friend once they become members of The Zero Percent Club. Although they are good friends, they do not necessarily have the strongest bond.

Although, after Cassie and Sloane, leave The Next Step Dance Studio, Amy grows much closer to Piper and considers her to be her best friend.

After making Piper take part in her lie about her status at the studio and inadvertently getting her in trouble with Emily, Piper vows not to speak to her again until she tells her mother the truth.[12] Amy is distraught about Piper's subsequent coldness toward her, to the point that it brings her to tears. In fact, Amy explicitly says that she particularly values her friendship Piper because she is the only close friend she has left.[13]


"I know you like me Sloane, I see you smiling. "
Amy to Sloane[src]

Sloane becomes Amy's friend upon her membership to the Zero Percent Club. Sloane quickly becomes one of Amy's closest friends.

Sloane amy season 4 kat 2

Amy hugs Sloane upon making up with her.

Although, after Amy begins dating LaTroy, whom Sloane has a crush on, Amy admits that Sloane is "practically a stranger."[14] Amy is not only saddened by the severing of her relationship with Sloane, but feels responsible for it. Amy actively tries to reprise her relationship with Sloane and is consistently rejected. Finally, while cleaning the mirrors in the Rehearsal Room, Amy is able to reprise her relationship with Sloane, much to Amy's happiness.[15]

Although it is likely that Amy initially viewed Sloane differently LaTroy breaks up with her for Sloane,[16] her future implication that the two are still friends indicated otherwise.[4] This is confirmed when Sloane meets Amy and Piper in Neutral Grounds and they all hug, showing how happy they are at her visit.[17]

Love interests


"I know it's only been a few weeks since LaTroy went away with his dad but it feels like a million, billion years."
Latroy amy season 4 tgbtm 5

Amy tries to help LaTroy with the combo.

Amy grows closer to LaTroy upon helping him with a contemporary combo, which Amy admits was a nice experience.[18]

On LaTroy's birthday, Amy is an intrinsic part of LaTroy's surprise party and gets him a stuffed guinea pig as a present.[19]

The next time Amy is seen with LaTroy, she is performing a duet with him. Upon ending the dance, Amy bluntly tells LaTroy that they should do something about their chemistry, resulting in LaTroy asking her out. Amy is extremely excited about her date, explicitly confessing, "I'm actually going on a date with LaTroy. I have to tell Cassie! I have to tell everyone!." As promised, she practically tells the whole studio about the date, granting her her title as Miss Megaphone. Amy admits to LaTroy that she likes him after he says as much to her and dispels LaTroy's wariness about dating her due to Sloane's attraction to him, saying, "If you don't like Sloane that way... and you like me that way, you should date me," and thus willingly compromising her friendship with Sloane for the sake of her strong feelings for LaTroy.[20]

Amy is extremely saddened to discover that LaTroy will be leaving the studio to build a farmhouse with his dad, but is supportive of him, understanding that his relationship of his dad is important to salvage and that LaTroy won't forget about her.[21] Amy frequently gushes of LaTroy in his absence, and once goes out of her way to show LaTroy how much his peers miss him via video chat.[22] Amy is ecstatic when LaTroy returns. When seeing him, she immediately runs into his arms and is spun around. Amy wishes to hear everything that happened in his time away and is happy to hear that he reconnected with his dad.[23]

Ebttrt amy tells latroy that she loves him

Amy tells LaTroy that she loves him.

Amy comes to fall in love with LaTroy, but is too scared to tell him and tells Cassie instead. Although, after she shares her first kiss with LaTroy, she can't help but admit how she feels to him. Amy is ecstatic when he says it back and kisses him once again.[11]

Amy is devastated when LaTroy breaks up with her, which devolves into anger to the point that she cannot even look at him.[16]

Although, Amy eventually becomes friends with LaTroy again and comes to terms with their ended relationship.[2]


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