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Unless I have the solo at Nationals, I have to leave.


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"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" is the 11th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step, and the 41st episode overall. It first aired on April 25, 2014.


Michelle and Amanda promote the studio at their school while the others mentor J-Troupe.


Daniel season 2

Daniel stands during his solo.

Daniel is practicing a solo, as he believes that Kate will rethink her decision of not giving him the Nationals solo. Emily Giselle, James, and West walk in and watch. Although his dance is good, Giselle and Emily admit that he displays little emotion and too much concentration, unlike Eldon. When Daniel finishes his routine, he is met with applause. As she walks down the hallway toward Studio A, Kate asks Michelle to man a The Next Step booth at her school's activity fair with Amanda, to which she agrees. Kate enters Studio A, and asks Emily, Giselle, James, and West to mentor some J-Troupe members. Daniel asks if he can help, but Kate tells him to rest his ankle, much to his chagrin.

Giselle and West are mentoring their J-Troupers, Becca and Chad respectively. Giselle enjoys mentoring Becca (or, as she likes to call her "Mini Giselle") and Becca confesses that she looks up to Giselle, dubbing her as the Queen of Acro. Suddenly, Becca asks Giselle if she can teach her how to do the Spider, although, Giselle tells her that she has to learn how to bridge walk before she can run. Giselle begins to bridge-walk out of the studio, beckoning Becca to follow. Along the way, Becca falls, and runs to catch up with Giselle. At the ballet barre, Emily is leading Richelle in a warm-up. Richelle points out that Emily's feet aren't turned out, and Emily replies brashly, seeing as she is the Dance Captain. Richelle asks Emily to teach her how to be Dance Captain and, seemingly annoyed by Richelle, Emily tells her that the first rule is not to stand so close to her. Nonetheless, Emily admits that she could see Richelle becoming a Dance Captain. James is mentoring Josh, whose sole wish is to be the coolest guy in the studio, reminding James of his younger self. James tells Josh that he needs to learn about the rhythm in his hands before he can master them in his feet.

Michelle amanda season 2

Amanda explains to Michelle that Tess is still bitter about not going to nationals.

Amanda and Michelle are at their school, manning The Next Step booth at the activity fair. While they are working, Amanda's former assistant captain at Elite, Tess, approaches them and instantly begins antagonizing them. A confrontation ensues, but it ends once Amanda hands Tess a flyer and orders her to back off. Amanda reveals to Michelle that ever since she left Elite, Tess has been pestering her to return.

Kate and Chloe are in Kate's office. Chloe is counting the money from the lock box. Kate confesses that they have a two key system; Chloe keeps the key to the money box and Kate keeps the key to the drawer that the box goes in. The two begin conversing about Baby Ballet when Daniel knocks on the door. Chloe leaves and Daniel enters the office, confessing that he wants a re-match for the Nationals solo. Daniel asks Kate why she didn't give him the solo or the small group since he is one of the best dancers. Kate tells her dancers have to audition for these dances, but Daniel tells her that he isn't asking for the solo to be handed to him, but just wants a re-match. Upon Kate's rebuke, Daniel asks Kate if she wants the best soloist for Nationals and Kate claims that they already do.

Tess opens her locker and begins to read the flyer that Amanda gave her. After noticing Michelle approaching her, Tess quickly shoves the flyer back into her locker. Michelle confronts Tess about her rude behaviour and orders her to back off of Amanda, which Tess begrudgingly agrees to. When Michelle leaves, Tess re-opens her locker and pulls out the flyer. Written in marker on the flyer are the words: "East hall at 4 - Amanda."

James josh season 2 anything

Josh and James drum together.

In the Music Room, James is playing the drums while Josh pretends to drum on a contraption composed of buckets. While they drum, Giselle and Becca enter the room bridge-walking. In celebration of 200 bridge walks, Giselle orders James to hit the beat; James and Josh begins playing the drums while Giselle and Becca do tick-tocks and, later, dance. Emily and Richelle enter the room. Emily challenges Richelle to get everybody's attention, although, Richelle can't get everyone's attention because, according to Emily, she's young, she's yelling, and she's not Dance Captain yet. Emily easily gets their attention and tells James, Josh, Giselle, and Becca to take a fifteen minute break at Culture Shock.

In Culture Shock, Daniel is explaining his situation to Tiffany and Stephanie. Although they sympathise with him, Tiffany and Stephanie both confess that Daniel is being spoiled especially since, of all people, he is talking to them about his problem. Daniel confesses that maybe he doesn't want to be on A-Troupe anymore.

In Culture Shock, James orders Josh to play the bongos. As he does so, Giselle and Becca decide to walk on their hands because Giselle thinks it will give Becca the balance to eventually do the Spider. Richelle tells Emily that she thinks that having a fifteen minute break is a waste of time, but Emily assures her that if they work hard, they get to play hard. Begrudgingly, Richelle admits that it does look like fun.

Kate daniel season 2 anything 2

Kate and Daniel hug.

Daniel enters Kate's office and presents her with an ultimatum: he gets the solo, or he will be leaving to attend Superstar Dance Academy where Chris has offered him the Nationals solo. Daniel begs Kate to give him the solo because he doesn't want to leave, but Kate refuses to give him the solo. Kate admits to Daniel that she understands where he is coming from and that she is going to miss him. Kate hugs Daniel and leaves him alone in the office. Daniel confesses that he is scared of starting fresh, but that he thinks it will pay off.

Kate tells A-Troupe that Daniel has left to go to Superstar Dance Academy. Giselle confesses that she kind of understands but is in disbelief that he wouldn't tell her, Eldon confesses that he feels partially responsible, and James confesses that he has mixed feelings. West points out that there are now one dancers short, but Kate says that she already submitted the list of names to Nationals, so there cannot be auditions for an extra dancer. That means if another person leaves or gets hurt, The Next Step will have no more alternates for Nationals.

Tess amanda season 2 anything

Tess and Amanda converse about their plan.

Amanda meets Tess in the east hall. Tess asks Amanda how the plan is going, and Amanda says that it is going well, but she's still waiting for when she is fully trusted to mess with The Next Step. Amanda confesses that she is talking to Tess because she's still the Dance Captain at Elite; her crying because Lucien was yelling at her was fake and only happened so Michelle would let her audition for A-Troupe. The only reason Amanda is at The Next Step is to make sure they don't make it to Nationals.



  • As previously stated in "Can You Keep a Secret?" it is admitted that Daniel needs to work on presenting emotion in his dancing.
  • The fact that Chloe has the key to the money box becomes relevant in "Under Pressure."


  • Giselle mentions that she hasn't mentored anyone before, but Daniel mentions in "Good Girls Go Bad" that she had mentored him previously.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name that is originally from Broadway.





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