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Baby Ballet is a class held at The Next Step Dance Studio for young aspiring dancers.


Baby Ballet is a class consisting of younger students who would like to start dancing at The Next Step Dance Studio. During these classes, students learn basic ballet skills and moves, and get used to the studio environment.

In "Steal My Sunshine," the E-Girls teach hold dance camp for the Baby Ballet students. James and Eldon have also been seen teaching a class.[1]

After being taken off of TNS West for lack of basic technique, Kingston enrolls in Baby Ballet classes, of which are taught by Noah.[2]












Presumably at the same time that A-Troupe gains its uniform (or possibly some time after as this particular one is not seen until Season 3), Baby Ballet is given a similar one albeit with just the hooded jacket. Like the A-Troupe jacket, it has The Next Step's logo on the front and back, and the left and right shoulders display the name 'Baby Ballet' in black. The colour of the jacket is pink. It can be assumed that the jacket, like the uniforms, was designed by Zoltan and Minnow.



Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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