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Please, girl, I work this.

West to Emily

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"Bad Moon Rising" is the 25th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 25th episode overall. It aired on November 29, 2013.


Kate and Chris hold a party at The Next Step Dance Studio for the team to hang out not as dancers, but as friends.


Kate chris season 1

Kate and Chris notify the dancers of their fun night.

A-Troupe is rehearsing their Regionals routine in Studio A. Content with the group's performance, Emily allows the dancers to leave early once they conclude the routine. As the team prepares to leave, Kate and Chris tell the dancers that they want to have a fun night to hang out as friends rather than teammates.

A-Troupe is gathering in the studio for their party. Emily asks West if he is wearing pyjamas to which West concurs as Kate previously told the dancers to dress comfortably and because he "works" the outfits. Kate then suggests that the team play Machine, during which the team will imaginatively construct a koala pyjama pant-making machine. The dancers comply and genuinely enjoy the game. After the game, Kate invites the dancers to eat while she goes into her office. While they eat, Tiffany, wanting the latest gossip, suggests that they play Truth or Dare. She starts with West, who chooses truth; Riley asks him what his biggest secret is and West admits that he has witnessed a bank robbery and saw where the robber put the money however, as it was two years ago, he doesn't know whether the loot is still there or not. The troupe finds it odd that he'd say something of that magnitude so casually but, nonetheless, continue with the game. Stephanie picks dare, and West dares her go to the juice bar and order drinks, using Tiffany as her "hands."

Stephanie giselle season 1

Tiffany puts lipstick on Stephanie's face.

A-Troupe enters Squeezed, Stephanie with her arms behind her back and Tiffany with her arms looped through the spaces between Stephanie's arms. As told, they go to the counter and order drinks. As Stephanie orders, Tiffany decides to apply lipstick onto Stephanie which results in Stephanie's face being scribbled on with red lipstick, creating a good laugh for the dancers and the cashier.

The dancers return to the studio where Kate is waiting with a television, a DVD player and a pile of DVDs. Kate holds a competition in which the person with the best dance move gets to pick the movie. West, Giselle, and James vie for the opportunity, and James wins. James lets Riley choose the movie, since it appears as though she cares more about the movie than he does, she chooses a romantic comedy called Touchdowns and Tutus. At the end of the film, the team resumes playing Truth or Dare and Tiffany dares James to kiss Riley, which he does, not thinking much of it. James then dares Emily to do the saltine cracker challenge; she eventually obliges, timed by West with his "invisible watch," surprising and entertaining everyone. At the latter, Emily asks Michelle which boy in A-Troupe she would want to date the most. Eldon confesses that this won't go well because if she says his name, the team will be torn apart, but if she says someone else's name, he will be torn apart.

Michelle exchanges a look with Eldon, reassuring him. Knowing that saying the truth would cause too much drama, Michelle lies and says West, despite her true answer being Eldon.

Michelle eldon season 1 bmr

Eldon tells Michelle that he is going to break up with Emily to be with her.

Later, Eldon approaches Michelle and tells her that he will break up with Emily for her, and although it is what Michelle wants to hear, she tells him that he can't do that because it will hurt the team and break Emily's heart. The team reconciles and expresses their hunger. The team decides that they will have a ghost story competition, if the boys have the scariest story, the girls buy pizza, and if the girls win, the boys buy pizza. Stephanie begins telling a story, but West spoils the ending. As West begins his story, James leaves to get snacks; West tells a story about the studio formerly being a chicken processing factory, Riley simultaneously confessing her fear of chickens after having been attacked by one as a child. During the story, James runs into the studio wearing a chicken costume, petrifying Riley, who runs out; Emily and Kate follow to see if Riley is all right.

Mel james chloe season 1 bmr

Mel threatens to take James to the police station.

The girls hatch a plan to get back at the boys: when the pizza arrives, they cover it in hot sauce while Giselle distracts the boys with one of her new dance moves. Unfortunately, the boys sniff out the hot sauce. Then, a police officer enters and tells A-Troupe that they can't be at The Next Step at such a late hour. James argues that they are with their teacher and are just enjoying pizza, but Kate is nowhere to be seen to support this claim. West tries to stick up for James, but the officer tells him to be quiet. The officer then tells James to turn around and put his hands behind his back. Feeling rather frightened, and intimidated by the officer's manner and the sudden appearance of his handcuffs, James does as he's told, expecting to be cuffed and taken down to the police station. Suddenly, the officer and the girls start laughing, revealing that the officer is in fact Giselle's Uncle Mel and it was a prank all along. Kate comes in and confesses that she doesn't normally approve of pranks, but this one was harmless and that the boys needed to be put in their place. A dance party ensues with everyone (including Uncle Mel, before he has to resume his patrol) dancing and having fun.


  • Riley has alektorophobia.
  • The Next Step used to be a chicken processing factory.
  • West has witnessed a bank robbery in the past.
  • West always keeps a spare pair of pajamas in his duffel-bag.
  • Giselle has an uncle named Mel who is a police officer.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Creedence Clearwater Revival.




  • Derby Crewe as Mel


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