The vibe of Bangers & Mashups is insane. Super street, super cool. These guys look unreal.

James, "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

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Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza is the most prestigious hip-hop competition in the world. It is held in London, England. The Next Step Dance Studio, from Canada, win this.

History Edit

Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza is introduced in "London Calling" when West and James watch a video on a USB drive that West got sent from London, England. West is invited to attend, and picks James and Eldon to accompany him.[1]

Competitors are recruited via video message which is send in the mail on a USB key. If you are are invited, it means that you are one of the best hip-hop dancers in the world and, if not, it means that you aren't.[1]

Challenges Edit

One v. One Battles Edit

These are head-to-head battles with one competitor from two different teams. The team of the person who wins more rounds moves on while the opposing team goes home.[2] This challenge takes place in "Your Time Is Gonna Come."

Rounds Edit

  1. House: The dancers are meant to perform moves that are bouncy and the music is repetitive.[2]
  2. Moves and Grooves: The competitors are supposed to "sit in the pocket" of their groove and really feel the music.[2]
  3. Waterflow: The dancer isolate throughout their body like that of a water.[2]

Known Qualifying Teams Edit

Two v. Two Battles Edit

These are head to head-to-head battles, except with two people from each team going one at a time. If the first dancer from a team loses their round, they are eliminated and the second person is to compete. If both individuals are eliminated, the team loses the battle.[3] This battle takes place in "Rumour Has It" and "Tainted Love."

Rounds Edit

  1. Breaking[3]
  2. Tricking[3]
  3. Hard Hits and Dimes[3]

Known Qualifying Teams Edit

  • Fuego Fuego Hip-Hop Academy
  • The Next Step Dance Studio

Finals Edit

In the finals, all three dancers are to be ready to compete. A team wins by process of elimination; a dancer performs until they are beaten, then there next dancer performs until they are beaten, and so on.[4] Although, the third round consists of three extra dance offs; the team of first dancer to win three rounds is the winner of the competition.[4] The finals take place in "Bold As Love."

Rounds Edit

  1. Moves and grooves: The dancer must perform pure hip-hop, sans tricking gymnastics or acro.[4]
  2. Bouncing: The dancer must perform the bouncy street-style.[4]
  3. Breaking[4]
  4. Any style[4]

Winner Edit

The Next Step Dance Studio wins the competition.

Competitors Edit

Known Edit

Gallery Edit

Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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References Edit

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