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She's better than me and she should go. I mean, you can't stop someone that good.

Gabi, "Sacrifice"

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Becca is a member of J-Troupe and Gabi's younger sister. She started dancing because of Gabi attending The Next Step Dance Studio.


Before the Show

Becca decided to get into dance, due to her sister, Gabi.[2]

Season 2

Becca auditions for J-Troupe, angering her older sister, Gabi. However, Gabi soon comes to terms with this, and the two make up. Fortunately, she makes it.[2]

In the following episode, Giselle mentors Becca.[1] Becca also takes part in the 24 Hour Challenge, alongside Giselle and Chloe.[3]

When Becca is chosen to be in the trio alongside Josh and Richelle, Gabi is angered again and challenges her to a dance battle with the winner to be a part of the trio. Wanting her sister to be happy, Becca lies to Kate that she has to go on a fishing trip with her dad. Later, Gabi confronts Becca and tells her that she deserves to be the one to go.[4] At the trio competition, Becca's group places seventh.[5]

Season 3

Becca shows off during a class that she is in that is taught by Thalia and Eldon.[6]

Becca helps Giselle with her Dance Captain predicament, by pretending that she is a dancer who has to work to pay for classes.[7]

Season 4

Becca auditions for A-Troupe[8] and does not make it.[9]


Becca firstly appears to be a timid and easily-influenced individual, who greatly looks up to her elders. As she gets older, Becca gains more confidence that almost verges on cockiness. In addition, she becomes more outspoken and less shy.

Physical appearance

Becca is a short girl with light, freckled skin and dark brown hair. She has brown eyes. As the show progresses, she grows taller.

In Season 3, she sports braces.




Acro is Becca's dominant style of dance. This is the only style that Becca performs.



Main article: Gabi

Gabi is Becca's sister. Gabi is upset when Becca auditions of J-Troupe[2] and is also jealous when Becca gets the trio instead of herself.[4] In both cases, Gabi eventually realizes that Becca is a better dancer than her and comes to terms with the situation.


Main article: Giselle

Giselle mentors Becca.[1] Becca looks up to Giselle a lot and even labels her as "The Queen of Acro."



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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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