CDC is a studio that competes at the 17th Annual Regionals[2] and Nationals[1] competitions.


CDC appears in both Regionals and Nationals, meaning that they may have found the loophole like Elite Dance Academy. They qualify to the semi-finals at the 17th annual Nationals competition, allegedly the farthest they have ever gone in the competition..[1]

CDC doesn't make it through the first round of the 17th annual Regionals competition, getting defeated by Confidance.[3]

Although they don't win Regionals, they somehow make it to the 17th annual Nationals competition, possibly by finding the loophole like Elite did. At the 17th annual competition, they make it further than they ever have before, making it to the semi-finals only to be beaten by Life of Dance.


Gallery Edit

Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

To view the CDC gallery, click here.


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