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He's kind of a doofus.

Michelle, warning Thalia about Eldon

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"Can't Fight This Feeling" is the 10th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 74th episode overall. It was first aired on March 26, 2015.


Thalia tries to figure out if Michelle and Eldon still have feelings for each other.


Chloe is still shocked at the offer she received to tour with the prestigious ballet company, La Ballet de la Reine. The bad news is if she takes the spot, she has to leave The Next Step since the tour is at the same time as Internationals. Kate tells A-Troupe that it's time for the team to send their list of dancers to the Internationals board; not wanting a repeat of the previous year, she wants to be sure that all of the dancers are fully committed.

Chloe west season 3 cftf

West urges Chloe to join La Ballet de la Reine.

Chloe walks with West, conversing about the hard decision ahead of her. He is shocked, as he believes that the decision is a no-brainer; she should choose La Ballet de la Reine, as the whole point of The Next Step is to prepare the dancers for a future professional dance career. When she continues to contemplate, he suggests that she create a pro--con list to help her decide.

While Thalia is working out choreography, she notices Michelle and Eldon talking. She begins to worry that they still have feelings for each other and hopes that they don't, as she likes Eldon. Thalia decides that she needs to look into the situation.

Richelle and Abi enter Studio B. Soon after, Noah enters. Abi realizes that she forgot her water bottle, so Noah sprints off to retrieve it. Richelle yells after him to get water for her as well, but when he returns he only has a water bottle for Abi. After Abi thanks him, he immediately begins stammering about how he prides himself in being fast. Richelle confesses that she is annoyed by the way Noah is acting toward Abi, because she likes Noah. When Noah realizes that he forgot Richelle's water bottle, Richelle lies that she didn't want one, because the plastic is bad, for the environment and storms out of the room.

Michelle is waiting for Thalia, as Thalia asked if she could speak to her. When Thalia arrives, she begins rambling about bears, thinking that it will draw less attention to her next inquiry. After her spiel, she asks Michelle about Eldon. Thalia becomes discouraged when she finds out that Michelle has met his family and that they used to spend hours together at his house. She deduces that Michelle still likes Eldon, and decides that she needs to talk to him. Michelle falsely deduces that Eldon told Thalia that he still likes her and decides to speak to him.

Thalia approaches Eldon in Hidalgo's. Thalia begins questioning Eldon about Michelle and, after hearing his replies, Thalia becomes sure that Eldon still has feelings for Michelle.

Noah richelle season 3 ctft

Noah asks Richelle about Abi.

After Michelle converses with Eldon, the two agree that they only like each other as friends. Michelle realizes that Thalia must like Eldon. When Michelle and Eldon share a friendly hug, Thalia sees and misinterprets the scenario, causing her to believe that they romantically like each other. Meanwhile, Richelle confesses that all she can think about is Noah. Realizing these emotions are futile and will only hinder her on her endeavour toward A-Troupe, she decides to perform a solo to vent. As she dances, Noah enters and observes her, confessing that she is an amazing dancer who has only improved. When she finishes, Noah asks Richelle if Abi has said anything about him, to which she says no, disappointed that he only came to ask her such a question. He admits to Richelle that he likes Abi and she says that it's unprofessional to like somebody from the same studio. He doesn't understand, as Eldon likes Thalia and he is one of the best dancers in the studio. She retorts that that is why A-Troupe loses a dancer every 5 minutes. She confesses that she wants Noah to be happy, just not with Abi.

Chloe shows West her list. He crumples it up and throws it, telling her that she hasto take the spot in La Ballet de la Reine. Margie enters, then, and hands West the crumpled letter, as she deems littering bad. Chloe realizes Margie is always there when she has to make a huge decision, but still doesn't know what to do.

Michelle confronts Thalia about her crush on Eldon and tells her that she would never get back together with him, leaving Thalia relieved. Thalia decides to just be honest with Eldon.

Abi and Richelle are in Hidalgo's when Noah approaches them. He sits down with them and begins talking to Abi, upsetting Richelle to the point that she leaves.

Eldon thalia season 3 cftf

Eldon tells Thalia that he likes her too.

In Studio A, Eldon is doing a tap dance-hip-hop solo. Thalia walks in with the intent of talking to him about heir relationship, and watches him dance. She comments that he is an amazingly passionate dancer. Likewise, Eldon confesses that every time he's around Thalia he gets nervous, but when he dances around her he's confident. He says that Thalia is like no girl he's ever met and that when they are together, the feeling only intensifies. When Eldon finishes his dance, he sits beside her. Thalia tells Eldon that she likes him and Eldon tells her he likes her too, and places his hand on hers. However, Eldon remembers that James told him he is only allowed to start dating a girl if he can do thirty pirouettes and thinks that he is doomed.

Chloe is sitting in Hidalgo's, still unsure of what to do. She seeks advice from Margie who tells her that "The hardest things to do are the right things to do" and that everything will be okay. Chloe is still confused as to what she should do, because both decisions are hard.



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  • The title refers to a song of the same name by REO Speedwagon.





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