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Canada is the country north of the United States of America on the map of the world. Despite such never being said explicitly, it is the country of origin of The Next Step. Such can be interpreted from the use of Canadian money, the shots of Toronto during transition scenes, and the Canadian vernacular that is used excessively on the show.

History Edit

Canada is the main setting of the show, despite no character having said the country's name. It is the base of most of the locations on the show, and the home of most of the show's characters.

Locations Edit

Canadian characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Next Step is filmed in Toronto, Canada.
  • The Government of Canada symbol is seen in the end credits of each episode. It also says "This is a Canadian Film or Video," along with Canadian tax credits.
  • Most of the cast and crew members of The Next Step are Canadian.
  • The Next Step is broadcast on Family Channel in Canada.
  • The production and distribution companies are Canadian.
  • Shots of downtown Toronto are shown during the show's transition scenes, but the characters never refer to the city by name.
  • In "Lost," when Kate invites the Capoeira dancers, their shirts say that the group is based in Toronto.
  • In "Cry Me a River," West tells Ella "This is North America" while they, Max and James are at the football field. This narrows the location of the show down to Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico.

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