This article is about the Season 2 character. You may be looking for the Season 4 character.
Cass is a contemporary dancer. She auditions for A-Troupe after her studio's loss at Regionals but does not make it onto the team, after which she joins B-Troupe.


Before the show

Cass went to unknown dance studio with Jake and Morgan.[1] She went to Regionals with her team, but did not win the competition.

Season 2

Cass auditions for A-Troupe.[1] She makes the first cut,[1] but does not make the team.[2] Cass joins B-Troupe and is briefly a member of the troupe.[3]


Cass is very quiet, as she never speaks during her appearance on the show. She appears to be quite nice, nonetheless.

Physical appearance


Cass has fair skin, dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes. She wears braces and is relatively short.


Main article: Cass/Outfits

Cass's dance wear consists of green and blue.



According to Michelle, Cass is a very strong dancer.[4]


Cass is a contemporary dancer.


Season 2


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