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Chloe has series of relationships.

Friends Edit

Margie Edit

Chloe initially doesn't even know who Margie is while teaching her in Dance Camp, but she is the person to find her when she goes missing. After becoming a teacher for Baby Ballet, Chloe warms up toward Margie who is her student. Margie assists her with many of the difficult decisions that she has to make throughout the season. It is implied that Margie might even be Chloe's guardian angel.[1]

West Edit

Chloe was in B-Troupe with West before the show.

Chloe assists West with his ballet and accompanies him to audition for La Ballet de la Reine's The Nutcracker.[2]. It is West who encourages her to follow her dream of being in The Nutcracker when she receives the offer.[3]

References Edit

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