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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the actress.

Cierra is a former member of A-Troupe as well as a former Elite dancer. She is the older sister of Skylar.


Before the Show

Cierra danced at Elite Dance Academy and went to Nationals.[1]

At an unknown time, her parents got divorced. Throughout this difficult time, it Skylar's presence that helped her.[2] After the divorce, her mother gained custody of Cierra and her sister.

Season 3

Cierra is confident when Skylar's name is picked during the dance battle, as she knows that Skylar is prepared. But, her excitement diminishes when Cierra discovers that it is she who has to compete against Skylar.[3]

Cierra season 3 3

Cierra speaks to Skylar about their predicament.

Cierra knows that her mother will be unable to drive both Cierra and Skylar to rehearsal if they are attending different studios, so Cierra makes a deal with Skylar to forfeit the competition. When Lucien notifies her that if she forfeits she will be unable to return to Elite, Cierra is ultimately forced to compete against her sister, although in secret. Cierra wins the dance battles, thus earning a spot on A-Troupe.[3]

Cierra is forlorn with the knowledge that she and Skylar will be unable to dance. But, with Stephanie's help, Skylar is able to join B-Troupe, much to Cierra's satisfaction.[4] Having gone through the same thing, Cierra later emphasizes with Michelle as she struggles with her parents divorce.

Skylar cierra season 3 t

Cierra urges Skylar to wait for her.

Cierra is shocked by what she deems to be selfishness on Skylar's part when Skylar complains about having to wait for Cierra to finish rehearsal. Cierra grows irate when she discovers that her mother has decided that she will pick up Skylar when she is done, ultimately meaning that Cierra is destined to take an hour longer bus ride home from the studio.[5] Cierra eventually makes up with Skylar after realising she was the one being selfish by forcing her to wait for her.[6]

Cierra later goes to Miami with the rest of A-Troupe, and goes on to help them win Absolute Dance Internationals.

Season 4

Before the auditions for the new A-Troupe, Cierra creates a pact in an attempt to not fight with her sister about dance again: either both of them make it onto A-Troupe, or neither does.[7] When it is time for auditions, Cierra makes multiple mistakes in both the choreography and freestyle rounds due to worrying too much about Skylar doing well rather than for herself.[8]

Cierra season 4 episode 4

Cierra eavesdrops of Kate and Riley's conversation.

When Skylar makes it onto A-Troupe, and Cierra doesn't, she is angry when Skylar refuses to drop out like she promised she would.[9] After overhearing Kate offering Riley the position of studio owner, Cierra realizes that there will be an empty spot on A-Troupe. Unfortunately, Amanda gets the spot instead of her, despite Cierra enforcing Skylar to put in a good word for her to Riley.[10]


Cierra is kind yet determined, as shown by the lengths she is willing to go to so that both she and Skylar can dance.[3] Despite being from a rival studio, she is more than willing to make friends with the members of The Next Step. Cierra is also quite attentive, shown in how accurately she outlines what has happened while Amanda was in Sweden, despite not being a direct part of most of the events she lists.[6]

Despite being a generally good-natured person, Cierra can be selfish. This trait is showcased through her inability to understand Skylar's frustration about having to wait for her after rehearsal every day[5] and her eagerness for Skylar to drop out of A-Troupe, simply because she herself did not make the team.[9]

Physical appearance


Cierra has long, straight hair that is brown in Season 3 and blonde onward. She has fair skin and blue eyes.


Main article: Cierra/Outfits

Cierra's wardrobe mostly consists of grey, purple, and blue.




Main article: Jazz

Jazz is Cierra's main style.


Main article: Acro

Cierra is proficient in acro. Although, when she messes up during her A-Troupe audition, it is while trying to perform acro.[8]


Main article: Contemporary

Cierra is proficient in contemporary.



Main article: Michelle
See also: Micherra

Cierra is able to empathize with Michelle as her parents go through a divorce, since she was once in the same situation. During this time, Cierra bonds with Michelle and becomes her close friend and confidante.


Main article: Skylar

Skylar is Cierra's younger sister, whom she has a strong bond with. Cierra genuinely cares about her sister, proven by her willingness to give up the opportunity to go to Internationals so that both she and Skylar can dance.[3] Cierra is very supportive of Skylar, proven by how excited she is when there is even the slimmest prospect of Skylar making it onto A-Troupe.[3][11] Cierra occasionally fights with Skylar, although she always makes up with her in the end.



Main article: Cierra/Quotes


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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