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"Dance, Dance" is the 3rd episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 3rd episode overall. It first aired on March 13, 2013.


The A-Troupe is split into two teams to test the leadership skills of Emily and Michelle.


James riley michelle west season 1

Michelle stands with her group.

Kate and Chris give Michelle a chance to be Dance Captain, considering her being Dance Captain at her last studio. This, of course, upsets Emily. Both Emily and Michelle get a group of five members to create a dance and then, the decision will be made. Chris chooses the groups, further upsetting Emily. Emily's team consists of: herself, Chloe, Tiffany, Eldon, and Daniel and Michelle's team consists of: herself, James, West, Stephanie, and Riley. Emily calls Studio A, so Michelle's group gets Studio B. Emily and Stephanie are outraged at being separated and Emily tells her she wants to know everything that happens to which Stephanie nods. She reveals that E-Girl rule #19 is: an E-Girl must do whatever she can to protect Emily.

West is at Squeezed when James enters. West confesses that he wants James to like him and will do so by challenging him to a dance-off. After cornering James, he flips and begins dancing. James confesses that he is freaked out but a little intrigued. West confesses that what he is doing was how they initiated new dancers at his old dance crew. Frustrated, James leaves.

Chloe emily season 1

Chloe tells Emily that she has to leave, appalling Emily.

Emily is with her group, practicing their routine. Chloe voices how happy she is to be in such an amazing group and Eldon reveals that he is also happy as he is on Emily's team. Meanwhile, Michelle's group is stretching and she asks what they should do. Stephanie rudely tells her that she should know, as she is Miss Nationals Soloist to which West and James congratulate her. Emily's group is still practicing and Daniel asks if they can have a water break to which Emily says "This isn't summer camp," making Daniel wish he was on Michelle's team. Meanwhile, Michelle suggests that they do a warm-up called "dance-imals" in which everyone dances like they are an animal. Everyone enjoys the warm-up, except for Stephanie. Although she is having fun, Riley admits that they should start their routine. As Emily's group practices, Chloe tells Emily that she has to leave (because her father lost her job, as revealed in Talking Heads, and has to go work). Emily refuses and tells her to go back to her spot.

Michelle's group finally begins their routine, which everybody likes. Stephanie says that since the routine isn't terrible, she has to do something to ensure that Emily remains Dance Captain. The group leaves the studio, as they feel they are ready, but Riley secretly thinks that it is a bad idea. In Studio A, Emily's group is still practicing, and the members are exhausted. After seeing Riley, she lets the group have a two-minute break. Emily asks Riley how Michelle's routine is and Riley says that it is good but that Emily's is probably better. Riley confesses that she is disappointed in Emily for how threatened she is my Michelle.

Deborah james chris season 1 2

Deborah instills in James how important it is that he improves his grades.

James, his mom Deborah, and Chris are in Kate's office, discussing James's poor math grade. Deborah is concerned about her son and says that he is focusing too much on dance and not enough on school and that she'll have to pull him out forever. Chris explains that such an action will have a negative effect on the troupe and after agreeing to help James with math, Deborah lets him stay on the condition that his grades get better.

Some of the E-Girls are in Squeezed, talking about their dances. Stephanie tells Emily not to worry as she knows exactly what to do, and Riley claims that she wishes luck to Michelle as she knows what Stephanie is capable of. West, Chloe, and Daniel are sitting together and Daniel and Chloe reveal how tiring rehearsal was to West. Upon seeing James enter, West dances again to which Daniel and Chloe comment is "typical West behaviour." James leaves and West resumes his conversation with Chloe and Daniel.

In Studio A, Emily's group is rehearsing once more and Emily claims that Michelle won't know what hit her. Emily and Michelle are in Kate's office with Chris and Kate. Kate tells them they need to perform. Emily reveals that she has a back-up plan. Emily's group goes first and Emily snaps directly in Michelle's face when they start dancing, confusing Michelle. James confesses that he doesn't like the routine because it's too bland and West says that it only showcases her. Michelle's team is asked to go, and Stephanie confesses that if she has anything to do with it, the dance is not going to make Michelle Dance Captain.

Stephanie kate chris season 1

Kate and Chris express their disappointment in Michelle.

Michelle's group performs and Stephanie throws the dance, upsetting the members of the team. Chris asks Michelle what happened, and Michelle says that everyone said they were prepared. Riley confesses that Michelle seems like a very nice person and doesn't deserve the treatment she is getting. Stephanie lies that she is under-rehearsed, making Emily happy and upsetting Michelle. Kate says that it didn't seem like Michelle cared at all, and Chris and and Kate chastise her, visibly upset and disappointed. Chris and Kate leave to talk.

Chris thinks that Michelle should get another chance, but Kate doesn't know. Stephanie and Emily are talking and Emily thanks Stephanie for what she did. Riley, outraged, approaches them telling them what they did was unfair. Stephanie asks Riley if she is even an E-Girl anymore and Riley says that she is and that she's sorry. Emily says that it is okay and Riley reveals that her sister always gets her way and she gives in because she doesn't like fighting with her.

Kate and Chris return and Kate tells the dancers that Emily will be Dance Captain, causing an argument to ensue. Chris leaves and returns with a bin full of ping-pong balls (borrowed from the sporting goods store upstairs), which he empties over the dance floor, saying that if the dancers can't clear all the balls away in two minutes, they will have to do intense exercise for four hours. West begins dancing, suddenly, and James finally complies to the dance-off. Eventually, the other dancers join in, forgetting about the drama.

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  • The title is a reference to a Fall Out Boy song by the same name.




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