A dance-a-thon is held by TNS West in the hopes of creating a scholarship fund so that dancers who cannot afford the expenses of dance will still be able to partake in the activity.

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After learning that Heather is no longer able to dance because her parents cannot afford it, Piper proposes to Michelle that they hold a dance-a-thon so that dancers who cannot afford dance will still be able to do it.[1] She organizes the event, for which willing participates must receive pledges to get money.

The dance-a-thon is a twelve-hour long event. The dancers are expected to dance for the 12 hours and receive additional money for each hour they dance (for example, if somebody received a pledge of $5, they would get $60 for dancing the whole 12 hours).[2]

Piper has the most pledges, but is unable to dance due to a sprained ankle. Heather takes her place. Heather and Henry are the only ones who dance the full 12 hours and tie for first place.[2]

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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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