"Dance Secrets" is the 9th episode of The Off Season.

Synopsis Edit

"Heather interviews for a job at Neutral Grounds."[1]

Plot Edit

Interviewer heather off season ds

The interviewer asks Heather why she wants the job.

Heather is in Neutral Grounds, getting interviewed for a job. Although working there is not her first choice, Heather confesses that she has to do what she has to do. The interviewer comments that dance is listed under her interests on her resume and informs her that a dance studio is in the building, to which Heather claims that it must just be an old resume and that she forgot to take that off. Unsure, the interviewer asks her if she will be distracted when dancers come in talking about jetés and pirouettes, which he mispronounces. At this, Heather confesses that the interviewer is a moron, but that she doesn't care so long as he hires her.
Piper heather off season ds 5

Piper and Heather exchange awkward looks.

Heather assures the interviewer that she hates jetés and pirouettes and, above all, relevés. Although, Heather confesses that it will actually be nice hearing about dance. The interview ends, after which Piper enters the store. Piper immediately recognises Heather from Regionals and approaches her about it, although Heather feigns ignorance. Piper leaves, apologising for bothering her. Heather confesses that she doesn't want her to know that she was a dancer because it is in her past.

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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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References Edit

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