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The dance captain is a member of a studio or troupe who acts as a leader over their peers.


The title of a dance captain is highly coveted, as dance captains are responsible for making objective decisions for their studio troupe, their only superiors being the studio owner, studio head, and head choreographer.

At The Next Step, Chris and Kate used to delegate this position until Chris's departure. When a new dance captain needs to be chosen in "I'm Your Captain," Michelle assists Kate in the delegation. At this studio, the dance captain also has access to the Dance Captain Diary.

Co-captains are shown to be a taboo and uncommon in "This is How We Do It." Although, the Next Step has co-captains from "Dancing in the Street" to "Secrets," which is an extremely lengthy period. It looks as though Elite Dance Academy has also adopted the prospect, because before its disbandment, the studio has a dance captain and assistant captains.

In "Only You," Richelle, Skylar, and Amy run for dance captain, and Skylar wins.

After Skylar does not make it back onto A-Troupe and leaves the studio, Richelle is appointed as the dance captain of TNS East.[1][2]

Michelle chooses who the dance captain is, and soon enough, Piper is chosen. James also congratulates Piper through her decision to be dance captain of TNS West. [3][4]

List of dance captains




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