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James Riley West season 3 episode 19 "Spoiler alert—he dies at the end."

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Daniel helped The Next Step win Internationals. In the end, he proved his heart was in the right place.

Kate, "Stir It Up"

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Daniel is the choreographer for TNS East.[1]

Daniel was a member of B-Troupe, but eventually gets promoted to A-Troupe.[2] Daniel finds that his ankle begins acting up, but pushes his worry away due to his competitive drive. Eventually, the injury catches up with him, effectively taking him out of the rest of the dance season.[3]

Daniel's ankle heals and he returns to A-Troupe the following season, but is angered when he does not get the solo or any other featured spots for Nationals. Daniel eventually provides Kate with an ultimatum; if he does not get the solo, he will leave the studio to attend Superstar Dance Academy. Not being granted the solo, Daniel does just that.[4] At Nationals, Daniel competes against Eldon in the solo round and loses. Although, he is granted the opportunity to audition for Juilliard.[5]

Daniel bombs his Juilliard audition and decides to join Elite Dance Academy, where his attitude takes a shift for the worse.[6] As Daniel is met with failure after failure and uses the support of those he once deemed friends, Daniel decides he needs to change his ways. After hearing that Lucien will be the judge for the finals at Internationals, Daniel flies all the way to Miami and gets him fired.[7]

Daniel returns to The Next Step Dance Studio as a guest choreographer for the auditions.[8]


Before the Show

Daniel started dancing when he was seven.[2] He had been mentored/taught how to dance by Giselle, his best friend who he met when he was 5 years old.[9]

A year before the first season, Daniel was a member of B-Troupe.[10]

Season 1

After making it into A-Troupe, Daniel is granted a solo to be showcased within the finals routine at Absolute Dance Regionals.[11] Around this time, his ankle begins to act up from a previous injury. Fearing he will lose his solo, Daniel refuses to notify anybody about the pain, although James inadvertently finds out when the two converse at Squeezed one day.[12]
Earlier, West approaches him, and tells him about Michelle, Riley, and James's plan to dethrone Emily as Dance Captain and replace her with Michelle; a dance routine to be shown to Kate. He agrees to join as long as he is able to keep his solo; he is granted such a request.[13] The plan ultimately works.[14]

Daniel giselle season 1 2

Daniel converses with Giselle after she performs her solo.

When Giselle rejoins A-Troupe, she insists on adding an overhead lift known as "the helicopter" to the Regionals routine, and Kate refuses, thinking that it is too dangerous. Giselle, Daniel, and Michelle go behind her back, with the former and the latter thinking that the lift is a good idea, especially since Giselle and Daniel had previously executed the lift countless times. Daniel is skeptical due of his ankle because, although fine recently, it could easily act up. Wanting to please Giselle, he eventually gives in; he and Giselle perfectly perform it for Michelle.[3]

The plan being to spring the flawless lift as a surprise during practice, Giselle and Daniel disperse during the routine and attempt to perform the lift. Unlike before, Daniel's footing slips, and he falls to the ground in pain. After going to the hospital, he returns to the studio on crutches; he has obtained a grade three ankle sprain meaning that he cannot have the solo nor go to Regionals.[3]

Season 2

With a now healed ankle, Daniel returns to A-Troupe. He becomes angry with Kate's patronizing treatment of him and feels as though she sees him as an "injured bird" rather than the great dancer he is.

Daniel season 2

Daniel performs a solo in Studio A.

Daniel auditions for the solo,[15] and the small group alongside Chloe and Hunter,[16] and receives neither. He grows angry, as he knows that he is a good dancer, and feels as though Kate is purposely omitting him from a featured spot at Absolute Dance Nationals.

Officially fed up, Daniel approaches Kate with an ultimatum: if he does not get the solo, he will leave to attend Superstar Dance Academy (as Chris is willing to grant him the solo). Kate says no. Daniel admits that while he doesn't want to leave, he still will. He does so without even telling Giselle.[4]

At Nationals, Daniel is presented as very cold and loathing; he brushes off Giselle, antagonizes Eldon, and ignores Kate. Now overwhelmingly overconfident because he has improved in his dance, he faces Eldon in the male solo round with the sureness that he will win. When he doesn't, he is devastated. He comes to his senses and apologizes to Giselle at the after party for his previous behaviours. She forgives him, but their conversation is cut short when Sergei, the head of Juilliard, approaches him with the offer to attend the aforementioned prestigious academy.[5]

Season 3

Daniel season 3

Daniel is offered a spot on Elite by Lucien.

Daniel bombed his Juilliard audition and now has nowhere to dance (because he quit Superstar Dance in order to practice). Lucien approaches him with the offer to dance with Elite Dance Academy against The Next Step for a shot to go to Absolute Dance Internationals. Desperate, and not caring about the obvious betrayal to his former team, he accepts the offer.[6]

Daniel enters Studio A wearing an Elite sweater and is instantly embraced by Giselle. When she asks him why he is there and he tells her, she is devastated and angry with him. Eldon rushes in and challenges him, accidentally spitting on Daniel in the process; Daniel wipes off the spit and rubs it on Eldon's shirt.[17] Onward, he continuously discredits The Next Step and its dancers. Daniel takes part in a plan with Lucien and Tess to bring down the studio; he switches the names for the dance battle so that James picks Riley, expecting it to tear the team apart.[18]

Daniel is forced to dance against Giselle. Much like at Nationals, he is sure he will win, but is surprised when Giselle pulls off a stellar routine. Giselle beats him easily, and he leaves, probably knowing that their friendship is over.[19]
Daniel season 3 ih

After Chloe's departure, Daniel arrives to audition for A-Troupe.

Daniel returns to the studio when Chloe leaves to audition for the empty spot on A-Troupe. When he is met by scorn and anger by his former friends, he is surprisingly hurt as he thought that they would stand by him. When he is not picked to be on the team, he leaves the studio, realizing that he has been mean.[20]

After hearing that Lucien is a judge for Internationals, Daniel flies to Miami to prevent it. Despite being brushed off by Giselle, Daniel still manages to send her the video that he took, back when he was with Elite, of Lucien speaking of how he will destroy the studio. Daniel is happy when Lucien is removed from the judging panel, and when The Next Step wins the competition.[7]

Season 4

Upon Kate's invitation, Daniel becomes the guest choreographer for the morning auditions for A-Troupe. He feels honoured by this gesture and reminisces on the first time he auditioned for Kate.[8]

Season 5

Daniel becomes a choreographer for TNS East.[21][Better reference needed]


Daniel is an inadvertently dramatic character, who is very determined, although hard on himself. This is proven when he does not notify anyone that he has injured his ankle in fear that he will lose his solo. Although, this also makes him selfish.

He only becomes more selfish and self-absorbed during Season 2, when he does not get the solo for Nationals.[15] This causes him to give Kate an ultimatum: give him the solo, or he'll leave to go to Superstar Dance.[4]

After losing at Nationals and ruining his chances at getting into Juilliard, his attitude worsens. Daniel becomes desperate to get an opportunity to dance, and despite his self-piteous interior, he comes off as extremely arrogant and cold. After failing at his attempt to be on The Next Step's Internationals team once again, he comes to realize that he has been mean.[20] When Daniel returns in Season 4, he seems to have reverted to his initial personality.

Physical appearance


Daniel has dark eyes and olive skin. His hair is dark brown during Season 1 and Season 2 and turns slightly lighter from Season 3 onwards. 


Main article: Daniel/Outfits

Before his antagonistic characteristics present themselves, Daniel's wardrobe consists mostly of red. In early Season 3, he wears the Elite uniform, with a blue undershirt, and black shorts. As his personality begins to revert to his initial one, his wardrobe slowly follows. In Season 1, his street-wear consists of red and blue checkered shirts with light brown shorts. Later, Daniel alternates between a leather jacket and a short-sleeved denim jacket, and generally wears darker colours. In Season 4, Daniel wears periwinkle.



Main article: Eldon

Eldon is Daniel's best friend. Daniel has described Eldon as like his "brother".[22]


Main article: Giselle

Giselle is the one who taught Daniel how to dance in the hopes that one day they could dance together in A-Troupe.[9] Giselle and himself have a strong bond and still practice together, even when Daniel is in A-Troupe and she is in B-Troupe.

Giselle and Daniel don't see each other for a while after Daniel joins Superstar Dance, but in they are later reunited at Absolute Dance Nationals. At first, Daniel gives her the cold shoulder because he is trying to stay focused on his solo, but at the Nationals party afterwards, they make up and Giselle is happy for him when Daniel gets asked to audition for Juilliard.[5]

In Season 3, Daniel, desperate to dance, goes along with Lucien's plan to bring down The Next Step. This strains their relationship. When they are forced to dance against each other, Giselle finishes in front of him, expressing her anger and hurt. She implies in Talking Heads that they are no longer friends.[19]


Main article: Thalia

Daniel is threatened by Thalia during auditions, as they have similar dance styles, creating tension between the two.[23] When both of them make the team though, this is resolved.[24]


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

The Off Season


Group dances

Group dances

Group dances



  • He was close to becoming a lifeguard.[25]
  • If Daniel were a jam/jelly, he would be strawberry jam.[25]
  • His dream job is to become a world renowned choreographer.[25]
  • Daniel's favourite dance songs are "Call Me Maybe" and "I Won't Give Up."[25]
  • His favourite acro move is the log roll.[25]
  • Daniel can drive.[26]


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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