Now, this dance is a combination of everything that we've learned over the years.

West, about himself and Daniel

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"Daniel and West's Duet" is the 8th episode of The Off Season.

Synopsis Edit

"West and Daniel duet in Studio A."[1]

Plot Edit

Daniel west off season dwd 2

Daniel and West dance.

Daniel is stretching in Studio A, preparing to do a final dance in the studio, seeing as Kate is opening a new studio space for A-Troupe. Seconds later, West enters the studio to perform a final dance as well. The two decide to dance together, seeing as they have already done so in the past. As they dance, they reminisce about their experiences in the studio, and the growth they have undergone as a result. From opposite sides of the studio, Michelle and Emily enter and watch West and Daniel dance. While Michelle prefers West's hip-hop and Emily is enamoured by Daniel's technique, the two are able to agree that it is an amazing duet. When the dance ends, all four parties take part in a group hug.

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References Edit

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