Dorothy is an elderly bingo player who attends a first aid course taught by Mr. Abernathy.


Before the showEdit

Dorothy became bingo player and received the nickname "The Bingo Lady" from the people at the bingo.[1]

Season 2Edit

Dorothy attends the first aid course where she becomes acquainted with James and becomes James' first aid partner. During a simulation in which she is supposed to be unconscious and revived by James, she breaks character, reaches up, and kisses James full of the mouth. Despite enjoying James as a partner, she is considerate when she learns of the true reason that he is at the course, and allows him to become Riley's partner.[1]


Dorothy is a chatty woman who has a passion for bingo.

Physical appearanceEdit

Dorothy is of average height with light skin that is wrinkled from age, blue eyes, and short white-blonde hair.

During her short appearance on the show, Dorothy wears a turquoise collarless blouse and light brown trousers.

Relationships Edit

James Edit

Main article: James

Dorothy becomes acquainted with James during the course. While pretending to be unconscious for a class demonstration, she kisses James.[1]

Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit

Quotes Edit

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References Edit

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