He can be completely goofy and awkward and weird one minute, and then the next minute, he's this amazingly passionate dancer.

Thalia, in "Can't Fight This Feeling."

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Eldon is a former member of A-Troupe. While in A-Troupe, Eldon is thought of as the best dancer at The Next Step Dance Studio. He is Thalia's boyfriend.


Before the show

Eldon has been at The Next Step since he was five.[Note 2] He was in Baby Ballet[2] and J-Troupe before A-Troupe. James joined the studio two years after him,[3] and the two became best friends.

Season 1

Eldon is hopelessly infatuated with Emily who, despite his delusions, does not reciprocate his feelings. When he finally gets the message, he grows incredibly upset, only to be approached by Michelle who claims to have to show him something.[4]
Eldon dgbmh

Eldon tries to ask Emily out and fails miserably.

He is presented with the routine that is to be used to dethrone Emily as Dance Captain. Although he is skeptical at first, he eventually votes for Michelle as Dance Captain.[5]

Emily begins to like Eldon oddly enough, and the two begin to date.[6] When Emily leaves the studio to join Elite Dance Academy, he realizes that dating Emily isn't all its cracked up to be and soon gains romantic feelings for Michelle which only grow as they practice their duet. Eldon tells Michelle that he will leave Emily for her, but chickens out when Emily returns to The Next Step unannounced.[7] Eldon tries to approach Michelle countless times about their relationship, but she ignores him. When she does tell him that she wants to be with him, he lies that he no longer likes her.[8]

At Regionals, Eldon and Michelle get closer again as they practice their routine, and he promises that after the competition he will break up with Emily and begin dating her. He keeps only half of his promise though, because when Emily approaches him before they go on-stage for finals and vehemently begs for an explanation, he breaks up with her.[9]

Season 2

Michelle wishes to keep their relationship secret, so he concurs, although Emily announces their relationship to A-Troupe.[10] When Hunter, a boy from Michelle's past proposes a dance battle for Michelle, with the loser having the back off of her, Eldon cockily accepts, only to lose.[11] He has trouble coming to terms with having to break up with Michelle,and instead avoids her until her is confronted. Their relationship ends.[12]
Michelle eldon riley season 2

Eldon overhears Michelle admit to Riley that she showed Kate the video of the dance battle.

Eldon decides to focus on Nationals especially since he will be competing in the solo round. Unfortunately this joy is taken away when a video of the dance battle between him and Eldon is brought to A-Troupe's attention, resulting in a vote to be held in regards to which of the two should be the soloist. He is devastated to finds out that the person who brought the video to everyone's attention is Michelle, and his devastation worsens when he loses the solo to Hunter.[13] Eventually, Hunter wishes to become friends with Eldon, which he finds laughable...until Hunter proposes to bake him a double-layered chocolate fudge cake. He accepts the cake, but only accepts Hunter's peace offering after shoving the cake in his face, and being granted a rematch for the solo.[14] He wins the rematch and, Eldon is granted his solo back.[15] In addition, he and Michelle become friends when she returns to the studio.[16]
Eldon james season 2

Eldon talks to James about his relationship troubles.

After Amanda leaves the studio, Eldon becomes a part of a newly constructed small group. Around this time, he realizes that he is bad with relationships, and James proposes that he doesn't date until he can do 30 pirouettes.[17]

At Nationals, he must face Daniel in the solo round, and he wins.[18] He also wins in the small group round.[19]

After realizing that Thalia also believes in sweet spots, he shows her his favourite sweet spot on the Nationals stage, and makes her promise not to tell anybody else.[20]

Season 3

Upon hearing the news about the dance battles against Elite and that he may possibly have to battle a member of his own studio, Eldon quits. He returns though, when he learns that Daniel joined Elite.[21] Ironically, Eldon is forced to battle Hunter and wins against him; he is sad that he had to kick his new friend off of the team.[22]

Thalia eldon season 3 2

Eldon tells Thalia that he would have been bothered if she hadn't made the team.

In the midst of this Eldon gains a liking for Thalia and becomes frustrated when, despite her reciprocating the feelings, he cannot date her because he has not done 30 pirouettes. As it gets harder to communicate, the two create unconventional ways to"speak" to each other. When all plans fail, the two eventually cannot talk to each other at all.

Eldon is designated the position of male soloist for Absolute Dance Internationals. When Noah wishes to compete against him for the title, Eldon instantly patronizes him; although Eldon wins, he is pleasantly surprised to see that Noah is such a good dancer and partakes in a recreational duet with him.[23]

Eldon season 3 t

Eldon plays the harmonica, hoping that his lucky quarter will be returned.

Things only seem to plummet from there. Eldon loses his lucky 1984 quarter[24] and loses his replacement pound (from Ella) in the Everglades.[25] With the loss of this coin, Eldon becomes sure that he will be unable to do well in his male solo round, but after a few words of encouragement and a hug from Thalia, Eldon performs newly confident. Despite dancing well, Eldon unfortunately loses to Kyle of Stockholm Dance Theatre, greatly disappointing him.[26] In addition, Eldon grows immensely suspicious of Polish dancer, Bartek, especially as he works with Thalia for a round of Internationals; he fears that in addition to the loss of his coin and title of Mister Internationals Soloist, that he'll lose Thalia.[27]

Eldon is delegated as the team's representative for a turning competition of which will decide how much time his team has to reform their five person dance to new music. Eldon is incredibly nervous to compete, but with James telling him that winning means he can finally date Thalia and with Thalia telling him that she believes in him, he grows confident. Eldon competes and wins, barely beating a dancer from Kingston Dance Central. After his victory, he is met with congratulations and an embrace from his now girlfriend.[28]

Season 4

Kate eldon season 4

Eldon hugs Kate as he bids farewell.

Eldon becomes depressed and heartbroken after Thalia moves to Poland to join Wojdan Dance Academy.[29] He struggles with whether A-Troupe is still the right place for him,[29] and eventually decides that it is time for him to say goodbye with James' help.[30] Tearfully, he bids farewell to Kate and the studio.[30]

Wishing to move on with his life, Eldon attempts to apply for a job at Java Junction, made impossible when West discredits him in front of his potential employer.[31] He is met with pleas from both West and James to accompany them in England for Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza. He is initially wary of going, but decides to attend the competition when he does 31 pirouettes.[31]

Eldon is left speechless when he receives a text from Thalia telling him that she will be visiting him. When Thalia assures him that she didn't leave him for Bartek and that she loves him, Eldon is so shocked that he faints. When he comes to, he immediately assures Thalia that he loves her too.[32]

Eldon is elated to win Bangers & Mashups.[33]


Eldon is clingy, awkward, and entitled, as he continuously asks Emily out over the course of Season 1 and becomes angry with the fact that she doesn't reciprocate his feelings. He is not the brightest of people, in fact, he is quite daft and is hardly able to construct logical notions independently. Sometimes, with the idiocy being so theatrical, it verges on comedy. He is extremely emotional, and often lets his feelings get in the way of clear judgement. He is very immature and naive, and is not good at being in romantic relationships. Despite all of these faults, he has had many girls like him, the most of any male on the show after James. As the series progresses, though, Eldon gradually becomes more mature and selfless, but still retains much of his child-like qualities.

Eldon is a dedicated — if not obsessive — dancer, as he admits that he watches videos of dance by night, trains and perfects it by day and then performs it.[6] This expertise mixed with his extensive classical training causes him to occasionally be patronizing, evident in the way he condescends Hunter, a breakdancer, and West, a hip-hop dancer about their dancing.


Eldon has wildly conflicting spiritual beliefs. He appears to follow an esoteric form of religion due to his belief in sweet spots; although, this could merely be a byproduct of his superstition: before major competitions he does not wash his socks for three weeks,[34] he drinks a lucky drink (of: cow milk, rice milk, goat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk), wears a lucky shirt, and carries a lucky orange, and carries a lucky coin before losing it. The confliction truly arises due to Eldon's belief in an "alligator god" which largely mirrors the ancient Egyptian's belief in the god, Sobek, a spirituality that is not correlated to his aforementioned beliefs in the slightest.

Physical appearance


Eldon has blond hair, which grows slightly darker as the show moves on. Eldon has green eyes, and fair skin. He has been described as cute by many of the girls on the show.


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Eldon usually wears blue, but begins wearing a wider range of colours as the show progresses. His wardrobe is comfortable and casual.



From Season 1, Eldon is considered the best dancer in the studio. He also been dubbed as the best dancer in the world by West.[31]


Contemporary is Eldon's dominant style of dance.


Eldon is extremely proficient in ballet, contributing to a certain air of cockiness about his ability to perform it. He is an excellent turner, as he wins the turning competition at Internationals in "Turn, Turn, Turn". Nonetheless, Eldon struggles to reach 30 pirouttes in Season 3, although he eventually masters the move.


Eldon has performed a tap solo with much proficiency.[8]



Main article: Bartek

Eldon is intimidated by Bartek due to his impressive dance abilities; this intimidation later turns into resentment and jealousy when Eldon begins to believe that Bartek has romantic feelings for Thalia when the two are in the same group for a round at Internationals. Eldon's irrational hatred of Bartek has never been resolved.


Main article: Emily

Eldon has been infatuated with Emily for five years as of Season 1. Against all odds, Eldon begins dating Emily,[6] but quickly develops feelings for Michelle; he eventually breaks up with Emily in order to pursue a relationship with Michelle.[9] The two have not spoken to great lengths since.


Main article: Hunter

After Hunter's arrival, Eldon becomes threatened by him due to his past with Michelle. He is challenged by Hunter to a dance battle for Michelle, win which the loser must back off of Michelle; since Eldon is the loser, he eventually breaks up with her despite not wanting to.[11] The rivalry thickens when word of the dance battle gets out, and Eldon loses his Nationals solo to Hunter.[13] He is eventually met by Hunter's desire to be his friend; after he shoves a cake into Hunter's face, he agrees to be friends with Hunter if it means that he'll get his solo back.[14]


Main article: James

Eldon has known James since they were little kids, and is his best friend.[35]


Main article: Michelle

Eldon's platonic feelings for Michelle eventually bloom into something romantic, and he breaks up with Emily to be with her.[9] The relationship ends shortly after, when Hunter challenges Eldon to a dance battle for Michelle, and Eldon loses,[11] causing him to break up with her.[12] Although the are estranged at first, they eventually become close friends.[16]


Main article: Thalia

Eldon discovers that Thalia also believes in sweet spots,[20] and eventually develops romantic feelings for her. Despite the feelings being mutual, he is not allowed to date her until he can do 30 pirouettes, due to an agreement previously negotiated with James. This pact is revoked when James decides that Eldon can date her if he wins a turning competition; after his victory, he commences his relationship with Thalia.[17]



Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • Eldon once worked at a pet store, but was fired for eating the free samples.[31]
  • Eldon's dream job is to work in a dance company.[36]
  • Eldon's favourite acro move is the full twist.[36]
  • If Eldon was a jam or jelly, he would rather be peanut butter; ronically, he is allergic to peanut butter.[36]
  • Eldon's favourite juice is peach grape.[37]
  • Chocolate cake is one of Eldon's greatest weaknesses.[14]
  • Eldon is a good visual artist.[15]
  • Eldon is a terrible baker.[38]
  • Eldon doesn't wash his socks for three weeks before a competition.[34]
  • Eldon owns a lucky orange and t-shirt.[24]
  • Eldon has a lucky drink.[24]
  • Eldon used to own a lucky coin.
  • Eldon can play the harmonica.[24]
  • Eldon can say "thank you" in 15 different languages.[39]


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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  1. It can be added together that Emily is sixteen year old in Season 2. In "Never Enough," it is revealed that Emily is the same age as Eldon, meaning that Eldon is also 16.
  2. It has been said that Emily has known Eldon since she was five, and Emily started attending the studio when she was two. This means that Eldon started attending at the age of five.


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