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Eldony is the previously canon pairing between Eldon and Emily.



Eldon has had a crush on Emily for about 5 years[1], and is constantly chasing after her. Emily eventually reciprocates his feelings, and the two begin dating.[2] Although, Eldon eventually breaks up with her to be with Michelle.[3]


Season 1

"Get The Party Started"

  • Eldon asks Emily to go out with him.
  • It is revealed that Eldon has liked Emily for about five years.

"Everybody Dance Now"

  • Eldon asks Emily out.

"Dance, Dance"

  • Eldon is excited to be in Emily's group for the dance competition group.

"Steal My Sunshine"

  • Eldon wishes Emily was at the beach.

"Good Girls Go Bad"

  • Eldon is quick to join Emily and the E-Girls to go spy on Elite.
  • Eldon goes to Elite thinking it's like a date.
  • Eldon wants Emily to realize he's a manly man.

"Love Story"

  • Eldon asks Emily to be his dance partner.
  • Emily is forced to go on a date with Eldon.
  • Though forced, Emily asks Eldon out, not the other way around.
  • Eldon gets extremely nervous on his date with Emily.
  • Eldon really wants to impress Emily.
  • Emily and Eldon dance together and unlike the rest of the date, they're both quite casual and enjoy it.
  • Emily denies Eldon's request to go steady, but she will be his dance partner for the upcoming duet.

"Can You Keep A Secret?"

  • Eldon ties Emily's shoelace.

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

  • Emily and Eldon hug.
  • Emily tells Eldon he looks nice.
  • Eldon tells his friends Emily is almost his girlfriend.
  • Eldon writes a romantic poem for Emily.
  • He says he'll always be there for her.
  • He asks her to go steady.


  • Emily finally develops a crush on Eldon.


  • Eldon comforts Emily when he finds her alone in Studio B.
  • Eldon helps Emily learn Michelle's routine.

"Forget You"

  • Eldon and Emily kiss.
  • Eldon decides to switch spots with Emily to make her happy.

"Brand New"

  • Eldon takes three buses to see Emily.
  • Emily and Eldon become an official couple.
  • Emily and Eldon hug.

"We Are Family"

  • Emily gets advice from Eldon.
  • Emily and Eldon go on their first real date.

"Come Back...Be Here"

  • Eldon goes with the team to Elite so they can convince Emily to return to The Next Step.
  • Emily hugs Eldon.

"Dancing In The Streets"

  • Eldon takes Emily's side during the dance battle vote.
  • Eldon is happy about Emily giving the team a pep talk after losing the dance battle.

"Bad Moon Rising"

  • When A-Troupe is watching a movie, Eldon puts his arm around Emily.

"Can't Fight This Feeling"

  • Eldon buys Emily juice.

"This Is How We Do It"

  • Emily says Eldon is "Boyfriend of the Year."

"Winner Takes All"

  • Emily is heartbroken when Eldon breaks up with her.

Season 2

"Don't Stop the Party"

  • Emily is jealous because Michelle is now Eldon's girlfriend.

"My Boyfriend's Back"

  • Emily admits to Hunter that she wants Eldon back.

"The Final Cut"

"The Girl is Mine"

  • Emily says that it is hard to beat Eldon in a dance battle.

"Never Enough"

  • Emily spies on Eldon and find out that he and Michelle are breaking up; Emily is elated about this because this means it is possible she can get back with Eldon.

"I Hope I Get It"

  • Emily is ecstatic when Eldon and Michelle break up so that she can get back with Eldon again.

"Old Friends"

Season 3

"Game, Set, and Match"

  • Emily seems disappointed when Eldon leaves the studio.



  • Eldon and Emily are the first pairing to become official on the show and also the first to break up.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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