Elite Dance Academy (or simply Elite) is the main rival and foil to The Next Step Dance Studio before its disbandment. Elite has since been shut down and is no longer a studio.[2]


Elite is introduced as a highly prestigious studio, although one full of rude and arrogant members. When Emily auditions and is accepted into the studio, Amanda often mistreats her, and plans along with Lucien to kick her out just before they go to the Absolute Dance Regionals.

Elite is a very competitive studio; the studio has won multiple dance competitions and is thus deemed as one of the best studios in the region. They won the 14th annual, 15th annual, and 16th annual Absolute Dance Regional competitions, although they lose the 17th annual competition to The Next Step.[3] Since they lost Regionals, they are supposed to be unable to attend Nationals, however, they take advantage of a loophole in the rules and sneakily participate in another Regionals competition and win.[4] Despite their plan going well at the beginning, they are eliminated in the female solo round at the 17th annual Nationals competition when Amanda loses to Michelle.[5]

In Season 3, after Lucien tries to sabotage The Next Step's chances of going to Absolute Dance Internationals with a series of dance battles, many members of Elite to become a part of The Next Step's A-Troupe as well as their Internationals team. In addition, a few members of Elite leave and join The Next Step's B-Troupe at the realization of Lucien's corrupt ways.

Eventually, Lucien shuts down Elite, although when remains unclear; Nick claims that Lucien shut down the studio after they lost Nationals,[2] although the show's official account has stated that Lucien shut down the studio after the dance battles.[Reference needed]


The Studio

Main article: B Studio

Elite is a fancy space, complete with a movie projector and a piano. Unlike The Next Step Dance Studio, which is brightly-lit and welcoming, the studio at Elite — with its black walls and black curtains — is dark and intimidating.


There appears to be a dress code at Elite, as all dancers dance in grey, black, and white. Their official uniforms consist of a white sweater with the studio name written in cursive on it, loose-fitted black pants, and black shoes.







Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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