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Maybe she's just here to mess with you.

James to Riley, "Mixed Messages."

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Ella is a dancer from England who attends Summerford School of Dance. She is a momentary member of The Next Step Dance Studio momentarily while on the exchange program for Internationals.


Before the Show

Ella danced at Summerford School of Dance in England. She attended and won Absolute Dance Regionals and Absolute Dance Nationals several times, and has also been to Absolute Dance Internationals several times, including the ones in Beijing and Paris.[1]

Season 3

Ella season 3

Ella looks on in amusement as one of her pranks is set into motion.

Ella arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio on the exchange program for Absolute Dance Internationals. Ella instantly causes trouble and pranks the dancers, partially in the hopes that she will somehow loosen up Riley. She is content when she finds that it is working,[2] and continues to try and introduce Riley to idle fun, despite some of her plans going awry. Ella's intentions become unclear when she tells Riley that if need be, she'd mess with her. Somehow, she convinces Riley that the underlying message is not negative, but that she is just extremely competitive.[3]

Ella performs a final prank with Riley on James at A-Troupe's party in which she pretends that Riley's back is broken, though James pranks them back. She also "knights" West (and gives him an English £1 coin) and sings a goodbye song called "Take It Easy".[4]

Riley ella backstage wtwio

Ella ignores Riley when she wishes her good luck.

At Internationals, Ella is set into full competition mode. Determined to win, she steals and performs Riley's solo with no remorse. She does not believe that such an action is a big deal, and is surprised when Riley is offended and feels betrayed. With this stolen solo, she wins the title of Miss Internationals Soloist and a five point advantage for her team,[5] which is used in the quarter finals against Wojdan Dance Academy.[6]

Ella's team must face The Next Step in the semi-final round, and despite her cockiness, her team loses. After her team's defeat, she attempts to re-claim her friendship with Riley and is initially surprised but ultimately uncaring, when she is rejected.[7]

Season 4

Riley season 3 wtm i'll "I'll get to you when I get to you!" - The missing information in this section of the article is to be added.


Ella is brash, competitive and tricky, yet collected. She is incredibly candid; she has no filter and unapologetically says whatever she thinks. She enjoys letting loose and partaking in reckless activity, and is undeterred by any mishaps that happen as a result, remaining calm even in the direst of situations. Ella is athletic as well, and is shown to be an excellent soccer player.

Ella is selfishly determined to be successful, uncaring, or rather, ignorant of any moral injustice that is present in her actions as long as they lead to her success. She has an extremely warped idea of friendship, as she genuinely considers Riley her friend, but still steals her solo without much thought.[5]

Physical appearance


Ella is fair-skinned, short, and blue-eyed girl. She has shoulder-length brown hair that is cut into front bangs.


Main article: Ella/Outfits

Ella's wardrobe consists of reds, grey, and black. When she dances, she usually wears red leg warmers.



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See also: Rilla

Ella makes an effort to loosen Riley up when she arrives to The Next Step Dance Studio and becomes Riley's best friend. At Absolute Dance Internationals, though, things turn south. Despite Ella doing corrupt things at Riley's detriment in order to win, Ella still seems to consider Riley her companion, showing that as opposed to harbouring pure malice, she just has a poor understanding of friendship.


Season 3

Season 4


  • Ella's favourite sport is soccer (football).
  • Ella has four older brothers.


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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