This article is about part 2 of the song "Empire." You may be looking for part 1 of the song. You can find the disambiguation page here.
"Empire Part 2" is the second part of the song "Empire," and is featured on Songs from The Next Step: Season 3, Volume 2.

This song is most notably used during Eldon solo at Internationals.[1]

Lyrics Edit

I swear this mountain's high
A long way below
If you can reach this height
There's nowhere left to go
But down

So, we're we wasting all our time
On this endless climb?
If you look you'll find
We've built an empire

Ooh, ooh, ooh (x4)

We are heroes
We conquered this town
Don't try, don't try to stop us now
We're living higher than high

We built an empire
From dust into stars
Don't try, don't try to fight it now
We are fire, on fire, on fire

Ooh, ooh, ooh (x4)

I know this mountain's high

Episodes used in Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Amanda performs a recreational solo to this song.[2]

Videos Edit

References Edit

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