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Enzo's warehouse, for which the official name is unknown, is a shabby shop owned by James's Uncle Enzo that sells clothing. It is introduced in "I'm Your Captain."

History[1] Edit

Enzo's warehouse is a shabby store that includes a warehouse in which clothing is sold. James goes to the store in "I'm Your Captain" in the hopes of finding a suit for Kathy's wedding, considering that James's family doesn't pay retail. He has a lot of trouble finding a suitable suit and texts Riley for assistance, inadvertently using hers and Emily's secret code S.N.S.

When Riley arrives, she instantly critiques the store, but nonetheless eventually helps James find a good suit. Enzo proposes to find her a dress since she will be James's date to the wedding. After searching the warehouse, a suitable dress is found for Riley.

Description Edit

The shop is a grey-walled, grey-carpeted warehouse cluttered with racks of suits and other clothing. Two grey-curtained changing rooms stand in the back, and parallel to the checkout table is an oak desk cluttered with a collection of papers and a telephone.

According to Riley, the store is incredibly dusty and smells like meatballs.[1]

References Edit

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