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If Michelle wants to battle me, bring it on!


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"Everybody Dance Now" is the 2nd episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 2nd episode overall. It first aired on March 12, 2013.


The members of A-Troupe are chosen and one of the best dancers doesn't make the cut. Emily isn't happy about the choice.


A-troupe season 1

The new A-Troupe poses.

Kate enters Studio A and beckons the members of A-TroupeWest, Emily, Eldon, Michelle, Stephanie, Daniel, Chloe, James, Riley, and Tiffany who are subsequently revealed through solos. Each dancer confesses their reaction to being on A-Troupe, which range from indifference to extreme excitement. Kate expresses how confident she is in the new team. In a flashback to the previous day, Giselle voices her sadness and disbelief at not being on A-Troupe anymore.

Beth emily giselle sarah stephanie season 1 edn

Giselle cries into Emily's arms.

During the flashback, the E-Girls, sans Giselle, are excited about being on the troupe. After cockily confessing that she basically is A-Troupe, Emily consoles Giselle for not making it. Emily tells her she deserves to be on the troupe rather than Michelle and blames Michelle for taking her spot. She ultimately promises that she will get Giselle back. After Giselle departs the studio, Eldon greets Emily, which immediately leads Emily to reject his imminent offer to go on a date with him. Beth pulls James aside and tells him that she misses him, as they once dated when they both were in B-Troupe, but James assures her that she will be okay. Meanwhile, Emily tells Michelle a lot of people wanted her spot and that she has to work "really, really hard," confusing Michelle. In Kate's office, Kate and Chris converse about who will be Dance Captain. Later, The E-Girls are in Squeezed, welcoming Chloe to their group. Emily tells Chloe the three most important rules of the group: an E-Girl always has another E-Girl's back, an enemy of any E-Girl is an enemy of all E-Girls, and know the E-Girl handshake. They show her the handshake, which is simply turning one's hand into the shape of an "e" and connecting it with the hand of another E-Girl. When Giselle walks in and greets them, Emily pulls Giselle aside and tells her that since she isn't in A-Troupe she cannot be in E-Girls.

Giselle season 1 edn

Giselle dances.

Giselle dances in Studio A as a final goodbye. She confesses that she was too comfortable as she auditioned which resulted in her demise and vows that she will never get too comfortable again.

Chris asks Kate who should be Dance Captain. While Kate believes the undoubted answer to be Emily, Chris thinks Michelle should have a shot.

Giselle and Riley are walking to the studio when Giselle asks Riley if Emily spoke to her about getting her back in A-Troupe. Riley replies that it was mentioned, but that she isn't sure what the plan is. Giselle confesses that just because she made one mistake, she shouldn't be punished for the whole year.

James season 1 edn

James asks Eldon what the small number on top of the little number is called.

Eldon is teaching Baby Ballet while James does math homework since he is performing poorly in the subject. Clueless about the subject, James asks him a series of imbecilic questions, frustrating Eldon.

The E-Girls sans Riley are in Squeezed discussing a future trip to the mall. Emily asks Chloe if she can go, but Chloe is unsure; she does not want to admit it to her peers, but she cannot go because she pays for all of her dancing expenses and will be unable to purchase anything. Stephanie and Emily are visibly appalled at Chloe's reluctance, as Rule #15 of E-Girls is that if one E-Girl goes shopping, all E-Girls go shopping. Suddenly, Michelle enters the store, greets the girls, and sits with them, humoring the E-Girls. Michelle realizes that she is unwanted and sits beside West at a nearby counter who tries to cheer her up.

Michelle season 1 edn

Michelle waits outside of Studio A.

Michelle waits outside of Studio B, having been told by Stephanie that rehearsal is being held in there. Meanwhile in Studio A, James inquires about Michelle's absence, but is met with no clear answer. On her way to practice, Giselle asks Michelle why she is there and Michelle answers. Giselle assures her that rehearsal is always in Studio A, leaving Michelle sure she has been set up. Michelle apologizes to Giselle for taking her spot in A-Troupe and Giselle assures her it is O.K. and warns her to be careful with the E-Girls. After Michelle departs, Giselle enters Studio B and finds that not everybody is there, but that the people who are present are goofing around. Giselle chastises them, but the group resumes their amusement. Giselle realizes she hates being in B-Troupe.

Before they commence rehearsal, Chris and Kate asks if anybody knows where Michelle is. Just then, Michelle arrives, apologizing and lying that she got lost. Chris and Kate tell A-Troupe that they have to pick a new Dance Captain and Emily automatically assumes it will be herself, although Kate tells Emily that they will be doing it differently and want to provide Michelle with the option, angering Emily and some of the E-Girls. Michelle quickly declines but Kate subliminally coerces Michelle which leads to Michelle's agreement. Emily confesses that if Michelle wants to battle her, she should "bring it on."


  • In this episode, five E-Girl rules are revealed: always have another E-Girl's back, an enemy of any E-Girl is an enemy of all E-Girls, know the E-Girl handshake, in order to be in E-Girls, you must be in A-Troupe, when one E-Girl goes shopping all E-Girls go shopping (#15). 
  • Tiffany says that there are over 100 rules that you have to abide to as an E-Girl
  • It is shown that James used to date Beth.
  • Giselle is kicked out of E-Girls because she is no longer in A-Troupe.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to C+C Music Factory's song "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)."




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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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