A-Troupe is the highest point in The Next Step Dance Academy. B-Troupe is for dancers that didn't make it on to the team. In recent years, Emily made an understudy troupe. Emily makes Michelle the dance captain

Members Edit

A-Troupe Edit

  1. Michelle
  2. Richelle
  3. Max
  4. Cierra
  5. Finn
  6. Josh
  7. Piper
  8. Kenzie
  9. Robbie
  10. Lola
  11. Danny
  12. Vanessa

A-Troupe Understudies Edit

  1. Tyler
  2. Jacquie
  3. Ozzy
  4. Kingston
  5. Mavis
  6. Beth
  7. Taylor
  8. Zara

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