Jacquie is a member of TNS East and a former member of A-Troupe.

After speaking with Henry in Neutral Grounds, Jacquie confesses that that she broke up with her other boyfriend, and gets back together with Henry.

Jacquie auditions for a trio competition with Henry and Sloane, but is not successful.

Biography Edit

Season 5 Edit

Jacquie joined The Next Step and auditions for A-Troupe, she is elated when she makes the team.

Henry is in Neutral Grounds when Jacquie approaches him. Jacquie tells him that her ex-boyfriend bullied her, so bullied her so she broke up with him. Jacquie agrees to get back together with Henry.

When the new A-Troupe is re-auditioned, Jacquie auditions and makes it onto TNS East.

When a trio is needed for a competition, Jacquie auditions with Henry and Sloane, but loses.

Appearances Edit

Season 5 Edit

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