Noah is a member of A-Troupe and a former member of TNS East.

After Amanda broke up with him, Noah started to develop feelings for Richelle. When Amanda returns, she helps Noah to grab Richelle's attention. After a while, Noah and Richelle began dating.

Noah auditioned for a trio with Richelle and Lola and were successful, but unfortunately lost against TNS West.


Season 5

After Amanda left the studio, she emotionally broke up with Noah.

When Richelle develops a crush on him, Noah feels the same way.

Noah auditions for A-Troupe, and makes it onto the team.

When Emily announces that they will be re auditioning them, Noah competes and gets onto TNS East.

When Amanda returns, she helps Noah grow closer to Richelle. Shortly after, Noah began dating Richelle.

Noah is on a trio with Richelle and Lola and won the first round. Unfortunately, they lose the second round against TNS West.

Noah partakes in the merge between TNS East and TNS West.


Season 5

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