this season is the 2nd season of new Beginnings

synopsis Edit

A-Troupe heads to nationals. The new dancers challenges the spots on A-Troupe.

season Edit

Fanfiction:Season 1

Cast Edit

Main Edit

  • Kylie Easley as Kylie
  • Reece Western as Reece
  • Rebecca Dan as Rebecca
  • Kyrecce Stoneman as Cooper
  • Samantha Dfew as Samantha
  • Robbie Payne as Robbie
  • Liam Swasby as Liam
  • Elizabeth White as Elizabeth
  • Cameron Light as Cameron
  • Caitlin Manchester as Caitlin
  • Jessica East as Jessica
  • Jessie Shana as Jessie
  • Victoria Baldesarra as Michelle

Recurring Edit

  • Lamar Johnson as West
  • John Will as Matthew
  • William Payne as Will
  • Steven Dominic as Steven
  • Stevie Domino as Tamica
  • Owen Shawn as Owen
  • Rachel West as Tara
  • Alexandra Beaton as Emily
  • Jacob Hearte as Jacob
  • Elizabeth White as Elizabeth
  • Micheal Eastey as Micheal
  • Zara Robin as Kim
  • Cassie White as Charlie
  • Sam Alexandra as Sam
  • Trevor Kim as Trevor

Episodes Edit

Number Name Air Date
1 Changes Late 2017
2 Everybody Dance Late 2017
3 Live in the moment Late 2017
4 Forever
5 Dance, Dance
6 In My arms
7 Poping in
8 Arriving at Nationals
9 Casting
10 The Finals

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