Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!

This is Season 7

synopsis Edit

Two teams from The Next Step Dance Academy heads to Regionals. Amy starts TNS West.

Dance captain Edit

Michelle was Dance Captain of A-Troupe and now Dance captain of TNS East

Becca is Dance captain of TNS West.

Skylar was Dance captain of B-Troupe

Episode Edit

Seaon 7.0 Edit

Number Name
1 Welcome to the World
2 Right Here Right Now
3 Dreams
4 Home
5 zero stars
6 Stars are coming
7 Last Dance
8 Everybody free to feel good
9 Only way
10 Your disco needs you
11 Shocked
12 Take it to the top
13 Confide in me
14 I can't stop the feeling
15 Famous

season 7.5 Edit

Number Name
16 Can't stop the fire
17 Line of dance
18 Put you up
19 What do you think
20 Fist Pumps
21 Home Famous
22 Queen bee
23 Let me know
24 Don't Let me go
25 Coming
26 Friends forever
27 Regionals next
28 Nothing is stopping me
29 Take everything
30 The Winner takes it all

Cast Edit

main Edit

TNS East Edit

  1. Victoria Baldesarra as Michelle (Dance Captain)
  2. Jessica Lord as Lola
  3. Noah Zulfikar as Kingston
  4. Julian Lombardi as Ozzy
  5. Alexandra Chaves as Piper
  6. Myles Erlick as Noah
  7. Briar Nolet as Richelle
  8. Dylan Ratzlaff as Jacquie
  9. Dawson Handy as Josh
  10. Milaina Robinson as Zara
  11. Guiseppe Bausilio as Elliot
  12. Skylar Healey as Skylar

TNS WEst Edit

  1. Unknown as Jordan
  2. Sarah Vance as Kayla
  3. Allie Goodbun as Cassie
  4. Unknown as Danielle
  5. Jaclyn Riley as Becca (Dance Captain)
  6. Zac Vran as Hunter
  7. Erika Prevost as Sloane
  8. Rachel Riley as Gabi
  9. Colin Pettiere as Josh
  10. Isaiah Peck as Henry
  11. Rachel Riley as Gabi

Recurring Edit

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