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I'm telling you—he likes you.

Tiffany, to Riley

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"Forget You" is the 17th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 17th episode overall. It aired on October 4, 2013.

Synopsis Edit

Emily struggles with what to do next after being put in the back row by Michelle.


A-Troupe is practicing for Regionals, but it is clear that Emily isn't trying. Michelle compliments Eldon, making Emily think that she may like him. She confesses that since she has been placed in the back row, she isn't even sure if she can be at the studio anymore.

In Squeezed, Riley video chats with James since he isn't allowed in the studio. Riley quizzes James on his math, but he gets the question wrong, despite its simplicty. Riley admits that she does want James to come back but the odds are looking pretty bleak. As Riley grows discouraged and James is about to sign off, James finally gets the question right.

Giselle emily season 1

Giselle confides in Emily about her distaste for B-Troupe.

Emily and Giselle are talking when Michelle approaches Emily to make sure that Emily knows why she is in the back row. Before Michelle can get a word in, Emily accuses her of having a crush on Eldon. Angry, Michelle tells Emily the real reason she is in the back is because she isn't a good enough dancer. In retaliation, Emily says that Michelle isn't good enough for Eldon.

Later, Stephanie is waiting for her audition for a commercial. She auditions and, despite it doing horribly, believes that she did well because she is told she will see the director. Happy, she leaves and calls Emily. As she does this, she overhears a conversation between the director and the man holding auditions in which they are talking about how bad she was. Getting called back in, she feels really hurt. Moments later, Emily calls Stephanie in Studio B, sad. Seeing how sad she is, Eldon enters and sits beside her. Eldon says to Emily that he thinks that it was unfair that Michelle placed her in the back row. Emily kisses Eldon, Eldon holds her hand, and then leaves.

Tiffany riley season 1

Tiffany assures Riley that James likes her.

Riley is making cue cards for James when Tiffany spots Riley and questions her. Tiffany then says that she is sure James likes her. Although, Riley does not believe it since Tiffany is such a gossiper.

In Studio A, Kate is giving ballet lessons to A-Troupe, and while they are practicing, Eldon asks Michelle if him and Emily can change spots in the lines. Relieved that Eldon still doesn't know she likes him, Michelle agrees to appease him.

Emily and Stephanie are complaining about how they are in back row. Stephanie talks about her audition and how it was embarrassing, but soon they both laugh about it. Emily confesses that the two of them need a fresh start.

Michelle finally announces that Eldon and Emily are switching spots, shocking everyone. Riley runs into Studio A, saying that Emily and Stephanie are leaving the studio.

Trivia Edit


  • In the first scene Stephanie is seen dancing towards the front, not only is she meant to be in the back row, but she says later in the episode that she hasn't been back to the studio since before the line auditions.

Cultural References Edit

  • The title refers to a song by Cee Lo Green.

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