Gabi is a former member of J-Troupe and B-Troupe.

Biography Edit

Before the showEdit

Gabi joined J-Troupe.[2]

Season 1 Edit

Gabi follows Tiffany's orders in giving Daniel a hard time while he choreographs for J-Troupe. Although, she is quick to be obedient to Tiffany and eventually perform the dance with her teammates.[3]

Gabi ushers A-Troupe to Studio A where she and her fellow teammates perform a song for A-Troupe to wish them luck for Regionals.[4]

Season 2 Edit

Gabi is upset when Becca arrives to the studio with the intention of auditioning for J-Troupe, and even moreso when she is forced to re-audition. While initially abrasive toward her sister, Gabi eventually supports her and is happy when she makes it onto the team with her.[5]

Gabi is upset and jealous when Becca becomes a part of a trio for a competition as opposed to her. She proposes a dance battle for the spot, but realizes her mistake when Kate tells her that Becca forfeited because of a fictional fishing trip and sees how good Becca is. Gabi tells Becca that she can keep the spot.[1]

Season 3 Edit

Gabi participates in an acro class.[6]

At some point, Gabi joins B-Troupe.[7]

Season 4Edit

Gabi auditions for A-Troupe,[8] but does not make it.[9]

Personality Edit

Gabi is very opinionated, as shown in her vocal distaste for re-auditioning[5] and for Becca being in the J-Troupe trio.[1] This also can make her brash, envious, and impulsive.

Nonetheless, Gabi is willing to accept her mistakes and admit when she is wrong. When happy, she is very caring and protective of Becca.

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

Gabi has light, freckled skin. Her hair and eyes are dark brown.

Attire Edit

Gabi's dance wear usually consists of a tank top and shorts or leggings.


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References Edit

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