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Gabi is a former member of J-Troupe and current member of B-Troupe, as well as Becca's older sister.

Biography Edit

Before the showEdit

Gabi joined The Next Step Dance Studio, allegedly, quite a long time before the show.[2]

Season 1 Edit

Gabi causes trouble for Daniel when he teaches J-Troupe on Tiffany's order.[3] She, along with the rest of J-Troupe, perform a song for A-Troupe to wish them luck for Absolute Dance Regionals.[4]

Season 2 Edit

Gabi is upset when her sister, Becca enters the studio without mentioning it and, furthermore, when J-Troupe is forced to re-audition. Nonetheless, she gets in and so does her sister; the two make up.[5]

Gabi camille season 2

Gabi finds out that Becca is going to be in the trio.

Gabi is upset and jealous when Becca becomes a part of a trio for a competition as opposed to her. She proposes a dance battle for the spot; she realizes her mistake when Kate tells her that Becca forfeited because of a fictional fishing trip with their father and when she actually sees Becca dance. Gabi tells Becca that she can keep the spot.[1]

Season 3 Edit

Eldon teaches her, and the rest of J-Troupe in an acro class. Like the rest of the J-Troupers in the class, she doesn't respect Eldon and shows off, until she is outdone by Eldon.[6]

Gabi and the rest of B-Troupe video-chats Cierra, who is at Absolute Dance Internationals, and show her the leaderboard that they had made.[7]

Season 4Edit

Gabi auditions for A-Troupe,[8] but does not make it.[9]

Personality Edit

Gabi is very opinionated, as shown in her vocal distaste for re-auditioning[5] and for Becca being in the J-Troupe trio.[1] This also can make her brash, envious, and impulsive. Despite this, she is willing to accept her mistakes and admit when she is wrong. When happy, she is very caring about Becca and can be protective of her sister.

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

Gabi has light freckled skin, dark brown hair, and dark eyes. She develops physically as the show progresses and she ages.

Attire Edit

Main article: Gabi/Outfits

In Season 1 she wears a pink tank top atop a black undershirt with black shorts and jazz shoes in the studio. In Season 2 her dance wear consists of a purple striped tank top and pink checkered shorts. In Season 3 and Season 4, Gabi wears darker clothing in blue and dark purple.



Main article: Becca

Becca is Gabi's younger sister. The two tend to get along, but sometimes Gabi can get jealous of Becca's talent, shown when Gabi finds out that Becca is in the trio, rather than herself.[1]

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Season 4 Edit

Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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