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"Get the Party Started" (also known as "Get This Party Started") is the 1st episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 1st episode overall. It aired on March 8th, 2013.

Synopsis Edit

The Next Step Dance Studio is holding auditions for the A-Troupe, and a new girl named Michelle arrives.


Kate chris season 1 gtps 2

Kate and Chris stand in Studio A, ready to commence auditions.

Kate walks into Studio A and introduces herself. She reveals that she is the owner of The Next Step, taking the role from her mother. Chris then introduces himself as the head choreographer. Kate and Chris confer about Regionals and say they are "ready." A stream of dancers flood in for the A-Troupe— the highest and most competitive troupe in the studio, preceding B-Troupe and J-Troupe—auditions. Dancers from B-Troupe and previous A-Troupe members audition to be on team, as no spots are guaranteed. Chris gets the dancers' attention by doing the first Dolphin Tail of the year. He tells them that auditions are about to commence.

It is revealed that there are only ten spots open in A-Troupe. Emily speaks of the E-Girls, an Elite group of girls who are in A-Troupe. Stephanie names the members in the group: Emily, Riley, herself, Tiffany and Giselle. Tiffany reveals that the reason behind the name is that everyone in the group has a name that ends in a "e" sound (except for Giselle, whose nickname is therefore "Ellie"). Emily confesses that the group's name is actually derived from from the first letter of her name, making them the "Emily Girls" by default.

Charlie chloe beth season 1

Charlie, Chloe, and Beth watch Emily audition.

The dancers are put into groups for the auditions. The first group consists of Daniel, West, Emily and Stephanie. Daniel dances first and reveals that he started dancing at seven, and although it was hard because everyone had already started to dance four years before him, it gave him a good work ethic because he had to try so hard to catch up to the others. He also says that if he doesn't make it into A-Troupe that it is the end of his dance career as if he can't even make it into A-Troupe, there is a slim chance of becoming a professional. Stephanie goes next. She says she dances because she loves it and that it has become such a huge part of her life that she can't imagine doing anything else. West dances and reveals that he used to be in a street dance crew and then was in B-Troupe, but is auditioning for A-Troupe to bring his dancing to the ultimate level. Emily reveals he has been at The Next Step since she was two and that she was in: Baby Ballet, J-Troupe, B-Troupe, and A-Troupe. She also reveals that Stephanie is her best friend and that Riley is her "baby" sister, and since they both go there as well, dancing is her life. The second group is comprised of Beth, Riley, Charlie and Chloe. Riley says that she got into dance because of Emily and that she can be overprotective but she loves her nonetheless. Beth dances first and messes up, causing many members to comment that it will cost her. Riley dances next and reveals her nervousness at possibly having her position taken from her. Charlie auditions next. While he auditions Eldon approaches Emily and greets her. He explains that their relationship is simple: he really likes her, and she really doesn't like him. Nonetheless, he attempts tries to ask her out and is quickly shot down with Emily claiming that he has had a crush on her for probably around five years. Chloe dances next and reveals that she has been dancing at The Next Step since she was six and that she has always wanted to be a part of E-Girls. Afterwards an unnamed dancer performs, followed by Tiffany who says she dances because it is her chance to be Beyoncé on stage. She is followed by an unnamed Irish dancer and another unnamed dancer. Kate confesses that she plans on winning Regionals unlike the previous year, so that their group of dancers needs to be strong. The final group is comprised of: James, Eldon, and Giselle. Just as the final group is about to perform, a girl with long, shoulder-length blonde hair enters the studio and asks if this is where the auditions are. Everyone, especially Emily, is shocked at her arrival. She reveals that her name is Michelle, and goes into the office with Kate and Chris to discuss the predicament.

Michelle season 1 gtps

Michelle reveals that she has been dancing since she was three.

Michelle explains that she just moved from Madison, Wisconsin, and has been dancing since she was three. She says that dance is everything she wants to do. Emily, angry, goes into the office and introduces herself to Michelle as the Dance Captain to which Michelle replies that she was the Dance Captain at her old studio. Chris reveals that Michelle will be auditioning for A-Troupe, upsetting Emily even further. Michelle somehow misinterprets Emily's faux-kindness for actual hospitality and remarks that she seems like a sweet girl.

The auditions resume with Michelle now in the final line-up. James auditions first and claims that making it into A-Troupe is a big deal because he is fighting for his spot but he is still positive that he will not be demoted. He dances because he loves it and because it gives him a little of an advantage with "the ladies." The E-Girls tease Riley then, claiming that she's blushing as she watches James dance, although Riley is sure that she would never fall for someone who is such a show-off. Eldon dances secondly and confesses that he dances because the more he dances, the more respect Emily will have for him. Giselle is up next and confesses that she has been dancing since the age of five. She says that A-Troupe means the world to her and she wouldn't know what she'd do if she didn't get in. Michelle is the last to dance. Everyone except Emily and Stephanie is astounded by how good of a dancer she is, which upsets Emily deeply. Emily insults Michelle by saying that her dancing primarily focuses on her hair and legs and that she should "get over it." Chris and Kate comment on how great the dancers were and tells them that after they go to confer, they will return with the results.


Stephanie tells the other E-Girls that Michelle is Miss Nationals Soloist.

A few of the dancers introduce themselves to Michelle and compliment her on her dancing. James says that he is sure he has seen her face before but cannot place it. Daniel, also seeing a resemblance in Michelle, asks her if she's won anything. She says "maybe," as she doesn't want people to know that she was Miss National Soloist because she doesn't want to be treated differently. Meanwhile, Stephanie has just discovered that Michelle was Miss Nationals Soloist, and tells the E-Girls. Emily is visibly angry about their discovery and says that it means nothing more than that Michelle's a diva, despite Riley's disagreement. Emily turns to look at Michelle. Michelle waves at her to which Emily waves back in a cruel manner, causing Michelle to have mixed feelings for her.

The E-Girls are seen at Squeezed, a juice bar with a great social aspect. As they are conversing, West comes in and tells them that Kate and Chris are about to put up the list. They all run to the studio.

In the studio, Kate and Chris talk about how great everyone was and put up the list. Kate says that she had to cut some great dancers that she worked with in the past, and is sure that Emily will not be pleased with the decision.


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  • The title is a reference to a song by Pink by the same name.


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