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Gisaniel is the non-canon pairing between Giselle and Daniel.



Giselle and Daniel used to be best friends, having known each other since they were five years old.[1] When Daniel leaves The Next Step for Superstar Dance Academy their relationship becomes strained,[2] although they make up shortly afterwards.[3] Their relationship abruptly ends again, possibly for good, when Daniel betrays The Next Step and joins Elite Dance Academy. Episodes later, when Lucien becomes an Internationals judge, Daniel attempts to mend their relationship by getting Lucien fired; despite Giselle yelling at him at his first attempt to explain himself, she later claims that there there may be hope for everyone, implying that the two could resume their friendship in the future.[4]


Season 1

"Good Girls Go Bad"

  • Giselle and Daniel hug.
  • Daniel reveals that Giselle has been his best friend since they were five and has mentored him.

"Break Stuff"

  • Daniel commends Giselle on her dancing.
  • Giselle and Daniel perform a lift together.
  • Giselle and Daniel hug after they complete the lift.
  • Giselle hugs Daniel after he returns to the studio on crutches.

Season 2

"My Boyfriend's Back"

  • Daniel confides in Giselle.

"The Final Cut"

  • Giselle tells Daniel that she was right when she said there was nothing to worry about.

"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

  • Giselle compliments Daniel on his dancing.
  • Giselle feels bad when Daniel leaves the studio.

"Old Friends"

  • Giselle is very excited to see Daniel and greets him.
  • Daniel apologizes for being harsh to Giselle.
  • Giselle congratulates Daniel on his solo.
  • Giselle congratulates Daniel on his Juilliard offer.

Season 3

"Game, Set, and Match"

  • Upon seeing Daniel, Giselle runs up to him and hugs him.

"I Hope I Get It"

  • Giselle admits that Daniel would add something good to the team.
  • As Daniel departs, Giselle looks on at him.

"How It Ends"

  • Daniel says that he is trying to save Giselle because he cares.
  • Giselle says that maybe all hope isn't lost for Daniel.



Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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