Being calm is sorta my thing.

— Henry to Noah, "Heads Will Roll"

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Henry is a hip-hop and breakdancer on A-Troupe.

Henry becomes a member A-Troupe in Season 4,[2] but fails to qualify the following season.[3] Thus, he joins TNS West.[4]


Before the show

Henry used to work as a paper boy.[5]

Henry dated a girl named Jacquie from grade 6 to 9.[6] She allegedly broke up with him because she did not deem him a good enough dancer.[3] To deal with the heartbreak he felt after their break-up, Henry hid away and ate gummy bears.[7]

At some point, Henry mistakenly called his teacher, Mr. Peters, "mom," much to Mr. Peters' chagrin.[8]

A year before he is on A-Troupe, Henry attended a disastrous dance competition with his studio. After coming back from the washroom, Henry went on stage, believing that his crew had been called; the crew on-stage was not his and Henry horribly mimicked what the crew was doing.[9]

Season 4

Henry enters The Next Step Dance Studio looking for the open house, but instead finds Eldon lying on the floor.[7] After Eldon explains that he feels heartbroken, Henry tries to console him by telling him about the heartbreak he felt after he and his girlfriend, Jacquie, broke up.[7]

While preparing for his A-Troupe audition, Henry assures Noah that if he is the type of person who is typically nervous, he shouldn't fight it.[5] He becomes immensely more calm after hearing Alfie perform in the Lounge.[5] He does great in his audition, and as a result makes it onto A-Troupe.[5]

Henry advises Alfie not to act on his feelings for the girl he likes, as she is in a relationship.[10] When he is told by Alfie that his advice was dismissed, Henry deduces who the girl is.[11]

Season 5

Henry is happy for Noah when he discovers he has found a new crush after his break-up with Amanda, but is devastated when he discovers that his crush is Jacquie. Henry forbids Noah from hanging out with her.[3]

Henry does not make it onto A-Troupe and, although he is upset, he is happy because he won't have to dance with Jacquie, who does make it onto the troupe. Henry jumps at the opportunity to join TNS West.[4]

Henry soon realizes that Noah has been lying to him about his relationship with Jacquie. Disappointed that Noah would betray his trust, he assures Noah that they are no longer friends.[12]

After being confronted by Jacquie, Henry takes part in Kingston and Ozzy's plan to get over her. When Ozzy attempts to flirt with Heather in order to show Henry how to pick up girls, Henry steps in and apologizes. Henry ends up telling Heather everything about he and Jacquie, and feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.[13] After being confronted by Noah, Henry realizes that he needs to get over Jacquie. He apologizes to both Jacquie and Noah and resumes friendship with both.[14]

Henry is disappointed when TNS West loses the dance battle to TNS East[15] and shocked when the entire studio is banned from competing at Regionals.[16] Henry comes to join the newly merged A-Troupe, which is granted the opportunity to compete at Regionals.[17] Henry is ecstatic when the team's qualifier video is chosen and allows them to qualify for Regionals.[18]


Henry is characterized by his calmness, as well as his ability to provide great advice.

Henry is also initially characterized by his heartbreak, as a result to his ex-girlfriend Jacquie having broken up with him. This heartbreak takes over his sound judgment for a while, causing him to forbid Noah from dating her, ruining his friendship. Although, Henry eventually realizes that he needs to move on, and resolves this issue.

Physical appearance


Henry has dark skin and brown eyes. He has long wavy braids that are stylized in shades of blond and black.


Henry's attire is simple and comfortable, albeit stylish when need be. Henry usually wears t-shirts and sweatpants in plain colours, except for the odd outfit in which he wears a variety of colours.



  • Acro: Henry is proficient in acro.
  • Breakdance: Breakdance is one of Henry's dominant styles and has referred to himself as a b-boy.[6] He is very proficient in the style.
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is another of Henry's dominant styles, though Henry performs more breakdance.


Season 4

The Off Season

Season 5


Group dances

Group dances


  • Henry is training to be private eye in case his dance career does not take off.[11]


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