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Hidalgo's is a coffee shop that is present in Season 3. It was previously known as Culture Shock in Season 2, and Squeezed in Season 1.


Hidalgo's receives its name after the owner's return from Spain.[2]

Unlike its predecessor's, Hidalgo's is a coffee shop. Although, she store still cells items that are not coffee, such as french fries.[3]

In Season 4, it is replaced by Java Junction after the owner returns from Colombia.[4]


Hidalgo's has a very earthy scheme. The seating is green, blue, and orange. Strips of fake leaves are strewn on the walls and potted plants can be found throughout the store.

Hidalgo's is located under Studio A.



  • Juice
  • Muffins[5]
  • French fries[3]
  • Milk (i.e. goat milk, almond milk, cow milk, soy milk)[3]




Cultural references

  • A hidalgo is a member of Spanish or Portuguese nobility.[7]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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