"I Know You Wanna" is a song from Season 3 that is included on Songs from The Next Step: Season 3, Volume 1. It is most notably used for Hunter, West, James and Eldon's dance, as a way of saying goodbye to Hunter and James.[1]

Lyrics Edit

Come on give it up
Show me some love
Make your body move like it's doubles in a cup
Let me see your wild side, let me see you strut
That attitude like a crowd lining up

Make your body move like it's problem in the state
Got your booty fast like the lower in the rink
You could be so reckless, twerking that waist
Takin' in degrees like you take it on the plates

I know you're watching what you do to me
You got kindness in your eyes but your game is cruelty

I know you wanna
Temperature real high
Make a man lose his mind
I know you wanna
Hey (x16)

Like the way you move
Like the way you streak
Doin' all the things that you know I can't take
Teasing me with kisses, teasing me with hugs
Got me singing sad songs talkin' bout love

You got my favourite smile, sure to see it through
I got you on my mind, you got me feelin' good
How'd you get so wicked?
How'd you get so bad?
How'd you get so good at driving me mad?

I know you're making a lovesick fool to me
Girl I got you figured out, but you still got a hold on me

I know you wanna
Temperature real high
Make a man lose his mind
I know you wanna
Hey (x16)
I know you wanna

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References Edit

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