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J-Troupe (short for Junior Troupe[1]) is comprised of young members of The Next Step Dance Studio who will eventually move up to B-Troupe and, hopefully, A-Troupe.


J-Troupe is first seen when Daniel, with Tiffany's assistance, choreographs a routine for them.[2]

In preparation for the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals competition, the members of J-Troupe compose a song for A-Troupe to wish them luck.[3] With a surge of new prospective dancers after The Next Step Dance Studio's Regionals win, J-Troupe auditions are held, changing the members of the troupe.[4]

A number of J-Troupers take part in an acro class taught by Eldon and Thalia, which appears to be one of many classes J-Troupers take part in.[5]

Amanda becomes a teacher of the troupe after the studio's loss at the 18th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals competition, but steps down from the position after getting a chance to go on tour. Richelle assumes her position.[6]

None of the current members of J-Troupe have been named.









Presumably at the same time that A-Troupe gains its uniform, J-Troupe is given a similar one albeit with just the hooded jacket. Like the A-Troupe jacket, it has The Next Step's logo on the front and back, and the right shoulder displays the letter "J" for J-Troupe and is red.


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