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Jacquie is an acro and contemporary dancer on A-Troupe.[2]

Jacquie was in an allegedly happy relationship with Henry, but broke up with him because she deemed him not a good enough dancer.[3]


Before the show

Jacquie had a room riddled with posters of boy bands.[4]

Jacquie was Henry's best friend and began dating him when she was in grade six until she was in grade nine. She broke up with Henry because she did not deem him a good enough dancer.[3]

The Off Season

Jacquie noah off season nnc

Jacquie tells Noah that she hopes they are both on the same team.

Jacquie becomes acquainted with Noah during a ballet lesson taught by Daniel. She is impressed by his dancing, especially when he does 10 consecutive pirouettes, and hopes to be on the same team as him.[5]

Jacquie wishes to audition for A-Troupe, but is wary of doing so. She befriends Zara who, while a B-Trouper, is nonetheless a phenomenal dancer. Jacquie realizes she will have to bring on her A-game if she wishes to be on A-Troupe.[6]

Season 5

Jacquie is surprised to see Henry at the A-Troupe auditions, having not seen him in years.[3]

Jacquie is elated to make it onto A-Troupe,[3] where she grows closer to Noah. Jacquie ultimately agrees to go on a date with Noah and is confused when he stands her up.[7]

Jacquie ozzy henry s5 ep6

Jacquie tells Henry to get over himself.

Once she interrogates Noah, Jacquie discovers that Noah has been acting so odd because Henry is uncomfortable with them dating. Jacquie confronts Henry and tells him to get over himself and move on. Jacquie is confused when Noah is not receptive to the news that Henry is okay with them dating.[8]

With her situation with Noah getting in the way of her dancing and being unable to trust Noah, Jacquie decides that it is best of she and Noah stay friends. Although, Jacquie finally relents once Noah tells Jacquie how he really feels.[9]

Jacquie is angry when Lola gets the solo over her, believing herself a better dancer. Although, when she discovers that she was meant to have the solo all along, leaving Lola embarrassed she feels badly. She goes out of her way to comfort Lola.[1]

When met with an apology by Henry, Jacquie also apologize to him for erroneously insulting his dancing. She resumes friendship with him.[4]


Once incredibly insecure,[1] Jacquie is now competitive and determined, having had to work hard to become the dancer she now is. Jacquie is unafraid to confront those she deems in the wrong, as seen through her confrontation of Henry.[10] Despite her exceeding ambition, Jacquie can be kind and assuring, as seen when she comforts Lola after getting the solo over her.[1]

Jacquie initially seems superficial, as she broke up with Henry because she didn't believe him a good enough dancer.[3] Although, Jacquie is able to realize when she has done something wrong, as she later apologizes to Henry for this. In fact, while apologizing, Jacquie assures Henry that she actually thinks him a great dancer, leaving the possibility that Jacquie doesn't always say what she means.[4]

Physical appearance


Jacquie has long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and light skin.


Jacquie wears black leggings while she dances, along with a pink t-shirt or purple tank top.



  • Acro: Acro is one of Jacquie's dominant styles of dance. She is proficient in it.[2]
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is one of Jacquie's dominant styles of dance.
  • Hip-hop: Jacquie is proficient at hip-hop. She partakes in Leon Blackwood's hip-hop masterclass and is selected by Eldon to perform a hip-hop solo out of all the TNS East female dancers.[1]


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The Off Season

Season 5



Group dances


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