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Jemily is the non-canon pairing between James and Emily.


Season 1

"Good Girls Go Bad"

  • Emily asks James if he is coming to spy on Elite.
  • James puts his arm around Emily.
  • Emily lets James go with her to spy on Elite.
  • While Emily drives, James sits in the vehicle's shotgun, right beside her.
  • James and Emily playfully bicker with each other.

"Love Story"

  • Emily asks James what is wrong with Eldon.
  • Emily listens to James and follows his request.

"Come Back... Be Here"

  • James tries to persuade Emily to come back to the studio.

Season 2

"Hello Trouble"

  • James gets to know Emily.
  • James interrogates Emily to find out about her.
  • After done interrogating her, James and Emily talk casually with each other.
  • Emily says that herself and James are now friends.


  • Emily doesn't want James to get in trouble.

"You Love Me"

  • James is upset when Emily injures her knee.

Season 3


  • James is not happy when Emily gets kicked out of A-Troupe.

Season 4

"Danger Zone"

  • Emily appears concerned about what James is doing.
  • Despite James' wish to leave, he stays to speak to Emily.
  • Worry crosses Emily's face when he proposes that chance determine whether he leaves or stays.
  • Emily tells James that he should always take a chance on love.


  • James hugs Emily.
  • Emily advises James.



  • If this pairing were canon, Emily would have had romantic feelings for all of the boys on A-Troupe's Nationals team.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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