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Jeth is the previously canon pairing between James and Beth.



Before Season 1, Beth and James dated in B-Troupe, but when James made it into A-Troupe, they broke up. They do a duet together in Season 2 and accidentally kiss,[1] and reprise their relationship.[2] They break up soon after because James still loves Riley.[3]


Before the Show

  • James and Beth dated whilst they were both in B-Troupe and James decided to break up due to the pressure and time of A-Troupe.[4]

Season 1

"Everybody Dance Now"

  • James comforts Beth when she doesn't make it into A-Troupe.

"Good Girls Go Bad"

  • Beth asks Daniel where James is, and seems disappointed when he doesn't know.

"Road to Joy"

  • Beth watches James try to do a dance move.
  • Beth asks James if he needs assistance.

"Come Back...Be Here"

  • Beth asks James to go to a concert with her.

"Winner Takes All"

  • Beth took went on a two hour long journey to see James.
  • Beth tells James that she loves him.

Season 2

"Don't Stop the Party"

  • Beth watches James from afar.
  • Beth tells James, once again, that she loves him.

"Ready to Start"

  • Beth asks James if he thinks she'll make it onto A-Troupe.
  • James tells Beth that she has a shot.

"The Final Cut"

  • Beth asks James to help her with the choreography.

"The Girl is Mine"

  • James and Beth practice their duet.

"It Takes Two"

  • James and Beth are alone together in The Music Room.
  • James tells Beth a story.
  • Beth laughs at his story.
  • James is happy that Beth likes his story.
  • James and Beth practice their duet.
  • James and Beth kiss.

"What'll I Do"

  • Beth tries to comfort James.
  • James confesses that Beth is a good distraction.
  • James and Beth put their arms around each other.
  • James and Beth proceed to go get pizza.

"Never Enough"

  • Beth encourages James.
  • Beth and James perform at the duet competition.

"Time to Move On"

  • Beth wears an "I'm With James" shirt.
  • Beth brings James juice.
  • Beth asks James out and he agrees.
  • James and Beth go on a date.
  • James kisses Beth.


  • Beth wears an "I'm With James" shirt.
  • Beth is willing to be the lead singer in James's (and Noah's) "band."

"Make a Plan to Love Me"


  • Beth tries to speak to James.


  • Beth covers James's eyes and makes him guess who she is.
  • Beth gets a four-leaf clover for James.
  • Beth doesn't want to hurt James.
  • Beth confesses that she still loves James.



Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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