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John (previously known as Alex[1]) is the guitarist and back-up singer in the band. He is a member of Lost & Found Music Studios.

Biography Edit

Before the showEdit

John honed his singing and learned how to play the guitar.

John joined Lost & Found Music Studios.

Season 3 Edit

John performs with the band at Kathy and Arthur's wedding.[2]

When James asks for assistance on an anniversary present for Riley, he suggests that he can draw something that James can give her. When James scraps the idea and suggests that they perform a song for her instead, John obliges.[3]

John video-chats James while he is at Internationals.[4]

Season 4 Edit

With his bandmates, John helps James prepare a date for Riley by making baloney sandwiches.[5]

John performs a song with his bandmates to wish A-Troupe luck Regionals. During the performance, he exchange a smile with Michelle.[6]

Season 5 Edit

John attends the dance-a-thon and performs a song with the band.[7]

Personality Edit

John is very quiet and composed who rarely speaks. He seems to be very quiet and kept to himself.

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

John has brown hair, green eyes, and light skin.

Attire Edit

John's attire is very casual. He usually sports a casual top with jeans. He occasionally sports a beaded necklace.

Abilities Edit

Artistic Edit

  • Drawing: John has proclaimed himself a good drawer.[3]
  • Singing: John is a talented singer.
  • String instruments: John is a proficient guitar player.

Relationships Edit

Main article: John/Relationships

Appearances Edit

Season 3 Edit

Season 4 Edit

Season 5Edit

External links Edit

Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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