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Josh is a member of A-Troupe.

Despite previously being an athlete, Josh decides that he wants to pursue dance. When he and his family move to the city for his brother's hockey career, Josh auditions for A-Troupe.[2] He does not initially make the team, but is later granted an empty spot.[3]

Biography Edit

Before the show Edit

Josh played hockey, soccer and baseball, but eventually grew interested in dance.[2]

The Off Season Edit

While playing hockey with his brother, Josh decides to not pursue hockey, in favour of dance and decides to audition for The Next Step Dance Studio.[4]

Season 5 Edit

Josh moves to the city with his family so that his brother, Adam, who his parents believe will become a professional player, will have better opportunities for hockey.[4]

Josh is disappointed when he doesn't make it onto A-Troupe, and becomes a member of B-Troupe.[2]

Wanting to improve his dancing, Josh decides rehearses his technique with Daniel to improve his technique and practices from 7:00 in the morning. This commitment allows Josh to make it onto the troupe, now dubbed TNS East, in replacement of Michelle.[3]

Josh is confused at Zara's tardiness to rehearsal, and even more so by her lie that her parents had a flat tire. He is fascinated to learn that the reason for her lateness is that she is a mathlete, but learns that her quarter final competition is on the same day as the dance battle against TNS West.[5]

Personality Edit

Josh is a jovial individual. Sometimes, he cracks jokes when he isn't supposed to, such as during rehearsal, which gets him into trouble.[6]

Josh is incredibly hardworking, as he practices his dancing as early as 7:00, asks for technical help, and book sessions with Daniel in the hopes of improving enough to get onto A-Troupe.[3]

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

Josh has light, freckled skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes.

Attire Edit

While dancing, Josh wears tiro pants and a t-shirt.

Abilities Edit

Dancing Edit

  • Acro: Josh is very proficient in acro.
  • Ballet: Josh can pirouette effectively.
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is Josh's main style.
  • Pop and lock: Josh is proficient in popping and locking.

Other Edit

Physical Edit

  • Athletics: Josh is a former jock, one having played hockey, soccer, and baseball competitively.[2] Josh still plays hockey recreationally.[4]

Appearances Edit

The Off Season Edit

Season 5 Edit

Dances Edit

Group dances

Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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